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25x137mm Bushmaster


The 25x137mm Bushmaster is a primarily vehicle utilised auto-cannon cartridge with a wide range of ammunition that has been developed for this munition, providing weapons that utilise it with the capability to defeat the majority of armored vehicles it is likely to encounter, up to and including some light tanks. The ammunition used in the M242 Bushmaster Chain Cannon may also be used in a variety of weapons such as the GAU-12 Equalizer, the French Giat M811, or the Swiss Oerlikon KBA weapon system.

Despite its wide use in vehicles, it is almost never utilised in man portable weapons due to the power, weight and size of the munition, however one such weapon does exist, the Laku Solutions LRAMW-25 (Light Recoil Anti Materiel Weapon-25mm), which is a 39 kilogram anti-materiel rifle designed to give the capability for defeating light vehicles, powered infantry armor, exo-skeletons and mechas to an infantry platoon.


Ammunition Type Damage Fragment Count/Explosive Damage Bullet Velocity (m/s) Barrier Penetration Armor Piercing
M791 APDS-T 490 N/A 1340 70 8000
GDOT APFSDS-T 440 N/A 1390 98 8600
Hypersonic Tubular 110 N/A 3462 186 9780
Non-Explosive Fragmenting 420 350 Frags @ 10m 1050 30.95 810
M792 HEI-T 300 610 Frags @ 20m 
34dmg @ 20m 
1100 20 4300
Incendiary Flechette 118x44 3dmg @ 0.2m 1417 11.2 1200
Note: Barrier penetration represents the rounds ability to go through walls and barriers. Armor piercing represents the rounds ability to penetrate body armor plates.