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.510 Beck


.510 Beck is a specialised cartridge designed for the AR-10 rifle platform that offers loadings from 200gr to 1050gr super heavy loads. It offers everything from accurate precision loads for longer range shooting all the way to short range cartridges for punching through tough animals and even body armor.

While typically a civilian cartridge with nothing particularly 'different' about it, SynTech Arms recently partnered up with Knight Armament Company to create their Special Airbursting Rifle System and decided on using a KAC SR-25 as a basis for the design. While looking for a cartridge that offered both realiability in an AR-10 and payload potential, SynTech came upon the .510 Beck and used it as the basis for their specialised RDX and LXT experimental munitions.

RDX Nanoexplosives and LXT Nanoexplosives were tested to see which yielded better payload efficiency, LXT Nanoexplosives were determined to yield the best blast radius and were used in SynTechs patented airbursting .510 Beck munition. However these projectiles proved to be too heavy for 'traditional' propulsion methods to be effective without making the projectiles entirely useless so SynTech paired a magnectic rail accelerator to the weapon platform to magnetically propell the projectiles at high velocities as well as gives a velocity boost to other more traditional projectiles.


Ammunition Type Damage

Bullet Velocity,
Standard(Railgun) (m/s)

Barrier Penetration, Standard(Railgun) Armor Piercing
900gr AP 82 240(522) 8.7(12.2) 265
1050gr AP 83 144(313) 10(14) 290
200gr SLAP 41.5 940(2046) 11(15.4) 340
300gr SLAP 45 740(1610) 14.5(20.3) 380
492gr RDX-HE

60 + 0.4


354(771) 3.3(4.6) 140
650gr Hollowpoint 101 648(1410) 4.6(6.4) 8
LXT Bursting Munition

48.4 + 13.2 [email protected]

530(1155) 0 0

Note: Barrier penetration represents the rounds ability to go through walls and barriers. Armor piercing represents the rounds ability to penetrate body armor plates.

Additional note: The ratio of standard cartridge speed to railgun-accelerated speed is 2.177. The ratio of standard cartridge barrier penetration to railgun-accelerated barrier penetration is 1.4.