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65mm High Velocity Direct Fire Grenade


The 65mm High Velocity Direct Fire Grenade is a extremely high pressure grenade munition developed by SynTech Arms to be fired from a man portable grenade rifle called the DFGS-60 which can interchangably fire a mixture of 60 or 65mm grenades with a simple barrel change.

The DFGS system was developed in 2013 to provide soldiers an offensive weapon system capable of rapid firing explosive ordnance at ranges far exceeding the maximum capabilities of more traditional grenade launchers such as the M203, M32 and M320. Seeing the potential of the weapon system, the United States Marine Corps adopted it as a replacement to the M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher. 


Ammunition Type Direct Hit Damage Shrapnel Damage Blast Damage Blast Radius Arming Distance Velocity
DFG Model 1 Lightweight High Explosive 315 22DMG x 750 Shards 13.1 11m 15m 740m/s
DFG Model 2 Heavyweight High Explosive 630 27DMG x 600 Shards 25.1 21m 25m 433m/s
DFG Model 3 Lightweight Incendiary 75 10DMG x 750 Shards 365 21m 18m 819m/s
DFG Model 4 Heavyweight Solid Baton 800, 2500 Barrier Pen N/A N/A N/A N/A 477m/s
DFG Model 5 Armor Piercing Incendiary Slug 600, 3000 Barrier Pen N/A 1 0.2m 3m 501m/s
DFG Model 6 Anti-tank Grenade 315 13DMG x 5000 Incendiary Charge Tungsten Balls 5000 185m 70m 380m/s