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66mm M202 LAW Munitions


The 66mm rockets are typically loaded in single use M72 disposable launchers however their rockets are able to be removed through disassembly of the launcher and loaded into the M202 Launcher. While not packing the punch of its bigger relatives like the 84mm M136 launcher it does offer a relatively light, rapid fire anti personnel and structure weapon.


Ammunition Type Direct Hit Damage Shrapnel Damage Blast Damage Blast Radius Velocity
M235 Incendiary 25 n/a 66 5m 114m/s
M236 WP 25 n/a 65 9m 174m/s
M236/V2 WP 15 n/a 56 5m 214m/s
M72A5 HEAT 655 10DMG x 170 Shards 90 16m 514m/s
M72A9 LASM 470 10DMG x 643 Shards 110 18m 294m/s
ER72 HE-FRAG 300 10DMG x 850 Shards 116 20m 1200m/s