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84mm MAAWS Munitions


The 84mm ammunition for the Carl Gustav M3/M4 series come in many shapes and forms from high explosive anti tank, flares, smoke and a shotgun-esque munition firing 1000 steel flechettes. Through its 72 year history the carl gustav has evolved and so have the munition fired through it.


Ammunition Type Direct Hit Damage Shrapnel Damage Blast Damage Blast Radius Velocity
FFV551 RAP 1900 8DMG x 290 Shards 45 4m 490m/s
ADM401 10DMG x 1100 Projectiles n/a n/a n/a 270m/s
FFV441 HE 75 10DMG x 750 Shards 365 21m 255m/s
FFV441B HE 75 10DMG x 775 Shards 415 21m 255m/s
FFV509 ASM 600 8DMG x 140 Shards 630 14m 211m/s
FFV502 HEDP 270 8DMG x 290 Shards 15 2m 230m/s
FFV751 HEAT 2170 + 39 Penetrator 8DMG x 100 Shards 15 2m 290m/s
FFV551B GCGM 1170 2DMG x 50 Shardss 15 2m 15m/s