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General Dynamics\Beretta RM-277








10, 20, 40, and 100rnd magazines.


                  x    y    a    b
muzzleOuter[] = {0.3, 1.5, 0.5, 0.4}; kickBack[] = {0.03, 0.06};
permanent = 0; temporary = 0.005;

Barrel Length: 
Rifle - 500mm/19.8 Inches

Automatic Rifle - 577mm/22.7 Inches


Rate of Fire: 

Rifle - 600 Rounds Per Minute

Automatic Rifle - 480 Rounds Per Minute


Reload Time: ???



Rifle - 1 Minute of Angle/25mm of Dispersion at 91 Meters

Automatic Rifle - 0.5 MOA/12.7mm of Dispersion at 91 Meters


Dexterity: (lower value = takes more time to traverse a weapon.)

Rifle w/o GL- 2 Dex

Automatic Rifle - 1.67 Dex

Rifle w/ GL or UBS - 1.2 Dex


Inertia: (Lower Value = less time it takes to slow the weapon after traversal)

Rifle w/o GL- 0.36

Automatic Rifle - 0.39

Rifle w/ GL or UBS - 0.43 Dex


Aim Transition Speed: (Switching Sight Speed)

1 Second


Malfunction Probabilities:


Maximum Effective Range:

In the hands of a very skilled shooter, the RM-277 can give a team the capability to effectively engage targets a kilometre away, and the cartridge can deliver lethal damage at that distance, too. It's light, just short enough to kick doors and spray in a pinch, but drops targets with ease out to a range that is hard to match among select-fire rifles. This is my go-to for any operation, unless there's a better choice for the situation at hand; pair with an LPVO for best results.

— SO2. Whitestrake

The RM-277 is a bullpup rifle chambered in .277 TVCM, a 6.8mm cartridge with a polymer case. It was a contender in the Next Generation Soldier Weapon (NSGW) program, distinguishing itself with its Rifle (R) and Automatic Rifle (AR) variants, relatively lightweight construction for a fully featured rifle platform, and high accuracy, making it a very effective mid to long range weapon as well as a capable assault or squad support weapon.

Beretta/General Dynamics entered the RM-277-R in conjunction with 6.8/.277 TVCM ammunition produced by True Velocity systems. Additionally the RM-277-AR was submitted for testing as an offering to replace the HK G28 alongside the RM-277-R. 

The RM-277 proved to be a highly effective rifle in testing, offering high velocity, relatively low recoil and highly reliable - as such it progressed through to troop trials. However, due to the bullpup nature of the rifle it was rejected as troops had trouble with familiarisation going from the more traditional 416A5. 

Beretta did however manage to secure a deal with the British Armed Forces to replace the L85A3 with the RM-277. Obviously being a perfect fit to replace a bullpup. As of 2020, the BAF has replaced the L85 in all branches of service excluding various reserve units, with the RM-277. The new rifle being designated as the L160A1 6.8mm Individual Weapon.

RM-277-R (Rifle): 

The standard configuration of the RM-277. Featuring a 19.8" barrel and a 600 round per minute rate of fire. 

RM-277-AR (Automatic Rifle):

The automatic rifle configuration of the RM-277. Featuring a longer 22.7" barrel, giving a ~10% velocity boost. Additionally it features a lower rate of fire for more controllable long range fully automatic fire.