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Walter Patterson - New Confederacy

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The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana Army (SSRTA)


The SSRTA is the military force of Taviana, it consists of a ground force, a homeguard, a water force and an air force. The SSRTA is heavily based on cold war era Russian military structure, however it relies solely on volunteers for operations outside of its own borders.

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana Army



Status Unknown


Commanders and leaders
  • General Alexandir Stavovich
  • Ground Forces: ~22,000 Active Volunteers.
  • Home Guard: ~650,000 Possible Reserves
  • Water Forces: ~150 Active Volunteers
  • Air Forces: ~200 Active Volunteers, ~100 Reserves.
  • Total: ~22,500 Volunteers.

The SSRTA Ground forces consist of approximately 22,000 volunteers, of which roughly 12,000 are actual infantry; the rest being support staff. The ground forces frequently take part in 'peacekeeping' operations alongside the Russian Federation in places such as Crimea and the Caucasus. 

In addition to the ground forces the SSRTA maintains a force of reserves called the Home Guard. This force purely consists of conscripted males, the task of the Home Guard is typically patrolling Taviana alongside the water forces, guarding installations such as the oil drilling platforms and military bases and acting as the nations police in place of a traditional police force. Exact numbers of how many men are active wtihin the homeguard at any one time is unknown, however males between the ages of 18 and 35 must undertake mandatory service for a minimum of 5 years followed by 5 more years of partial service. The rough number of military age males on Taviana is around 650,000 according to a government report in 2019.

The SSRTA also maintains both a water and air force. They are very small in size but members of these forces receive the most funding and training. All pilots go to the Russian federation for training in fixed wing and rotary craft, all of the SSRTA's aircraft are former Russian surplus. The water force receive training within the Russian VMF as sailors.

Uniform & Capabilities