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Caliburn Security Services Company (CSSC)


Caliburn Security Services Company


"Anytime, Anyplace, Any Mission"

Status Active

The Caliburn Security Services Company (commonly referred to as Caliburn Security, or simply CSSC) was founded in 2005 by Edwin Croft ("Lancelot") under its original name of Taipan Security, it was soon renamed in 2007 to its current day name. CSSC was founded with the intent to offer private military services without the pitfalls of other PMCs that came before it, offerring a proffesional, no nonsense service to anyone who is willing to pay.

In the past they conducted various contracts for small third world countries, taking security or otherwise less-than-legal contracts if the pay was good enough. Since then they have refocused primarily on assisting with all Templar-related operations - such as conducting site security and surveilance for companies like as Sunshine Farms and Archangel Dynamics, and protection details for IDAP workers. 

A large portion of Caliburn Security is currently dedicated to an ongoing crusade led by the Templars, with 22,000 combat staff and 2000 non-combat staff currently in Israel. 

Uniform & Structure

While the Templar Order they are associated with is a highly ordered military organisation, Caliburn Security is a relatively loosely organised with no formal ranking structure other than the positions of a soldier within a fireteam or section.

Caliburn Security Services currently recruits from various sources primarily consisting of state run militaries, however a large majority of their forces are recruited directly from the British Armed Forces - with roughly 73% of Caliburn Security being of British nationality.

Mercenaries within Caliburn Security don a distinct grey uniform paired with typically black or grey helmets. Most of their weaponry is drawn from British Armed Forces surplus (L85A2's, L110A2 Minimi's and L129A1 DMR's)