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Templar Leadership - Codename LAMORAK



Name: Clair de Murbrusier A.K.A. “Lamorak”               Age: 120, lifespan likely extended via anomalous means.

Race: Negro                                                                    Eye: Hazel

Date of birth: 03/07/1901                                              Sex: Female

Place of Birth: N'Djamena, Chad                                    Hair: Black

Nationality: African (Central)                                          Height: 5' 4

Complexion: Young (Early 20's)                                      Weight: 56kg

Build: Slim, Athletic                                          


Relevant History and Information:

Clair “LAMORAK” de Murbrusier is an african diplomat working for the african ambassador in London. She first made a splash when she won runner up for the “miss world” contest in 2017 and has since then continued to help the people of africa improve their lives by setting up the International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) that educates african people in england in exchange for company industry expansion and employment into and for the region of CHAD that is then taxed by the government. One of the most active companies in this program is “Sunshine farms”, who provides food and water supplies to IDAP. Additionally IDAP is active in the Middle East, Africa, North America and the Mediterranean, providing education and humanitarian aid.

However, it is suspected that “LAMORAK” has created the  International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) for the express purposes of setting up a main base and facilitating “Crusade” operations in various regions under the guise of humanitarian aid. This is unconfirmed, however the GOC appears to have come to the same conclusion, having raided several IDAP operations in locations all over the globe. As of yet no evidence has been found to back up these suspicions, however due to the heavy ties to the Templars, investigation will continue.

“LAMORAK” has been traced back to 1901 as our GOC mole leaked what has now confirmed to be a diary of the previous “LAMORAK” noting and commenting upon the various people and activities he partook in CHAD during the early 21th century. Clair de Murbrusier was described as “A worthy successor despite being 13 years of age”.

It is likely that, similar to many other members of the Templar leadership, "LAMORAK" has extended her life through unknown anomalous means.

<Images of “LAMORAK” are publically available, see addendum 1 and 2>

Addendum 1: Picture of Lamorak at the Miss World contest.

Addendum 2:
Entry from a recovered diary written by the last person to hold the name Lamorak, dated November 1st, 1913.