Contains information regarding the lore and stories of Mobile Task Force TAU-44 and its universe.

Tau-44 Timeline

This document outlines a timeline overview from the establishment of Mobile Task Force TAU-44 "Phalanx" to the present day, including notable events and campaigns.

Tau-44 Established

3 January 2000

MTF Tau-44 "Phalanx" is established as a globally ready first recon and fast response force aimed at putting effective initial investigation and surgical strike capabilities into the hands of regional Department Heads, Oversight Councils, and Site Directors on assignment request.

Operation Phoenix Flight (First Phase)

11 November 2001

Tau-44 carries out Operation Pheonix Flight (First Phase) in Afghanistan during the US Military's Operation Enduring Freedom. The MTF was tasked with following up credible evidence of anomalous pathogenic activity in the region of Lythium. During this time the MTF saw close collaboration with the US 10th Mountain division, and carried out missions that led to the documentation of SCP-12062 and the capture of Nikolai Vlasov (son of the pathogen's suspected progenitor, Dmitriy Vlasov).

Operation Phoenix Flight (Second Phase)

3 November 2016

Tau-44 returns to Lythium following reports from US 10th Mountain division of major anomalous weather distrubance Lithium Refinery and Storage the day prior. With additional US forces on the way to contain and investigate, Tau-44 slipped in first, neutralised as many instances of SCP-12062 derivative as possible, then activated a 3-stage thermonuclear device to finish the job. Tau-44 suffered over 60% casualties, with more MIA and others surviving via anomalous means (refer: French Police Report / AAR by OA. Stood).

Operation Peregrine

12 March 2017 - 2 April 2017

Operation Buzzkill

8 October 2017

Tau-44 deployed to investigate, secure, and capture samples of SCP -12062 recovered from Lythium. After pursuing insurgents into Takistan, Hoplite team - with the assistance of Billhook 4.1 of the U.S. Army Rangers - managed to recover seventeen vials of SCP-12062, but reported one missing. Before operation completion, all U.S. forces began withdrawing forces at a rapid pace. On the next day, the Foundation would initiate the Bright Night Contingency.

Bright Night Contingency

9 October 2017 - 26 January 2018

In the midst of the anomalous civilisation-scale genocide carried out on USA soil, the Foundation activated a huge number of resources - including no small number of previously-tasked MTFs such as Tau-44 - to contain the threat posed by the decimated (and now weaponised) population. As a result, and in accordance with the Bright Night Contingency protocol, the O5 Council officially declared a K-Class Lifted Veil Scenario and commissioned the Foundation Public Relations Division (FPRD), an O4-adjacent office with discretionary power over all areas in which the Foundation interacts with the public.

Operation Cold Secret

1 March 2021

Tau-44 is deployed to a rural Russian town under the influence of undetermined anomalous effects. The MTF is depoyed tailing local police and a Russian OREL (Special Police) CBRN team, both of the latter having never returned. All MTF members deployed did return, however, Operations Command concluded that all personnel had been compromised by cognitohazard. All operatives were treated, anesthetized, and recommissioned for duty.

7 March 2021

Tau-44 is redeployed to the same town in Russia, this time with additional manpower to suit the task at hand. However, upon discovering an SUV left near the scene during the previous deployment, MTF personnel became nonresponsive in place around the vehicle and were declared compromised. Multiple reports were collected from MTF personnel with varying indications for concern (refer: Integrity Evaluation: STOOD). Operators were anesthetized and recommissioned for duty (refer: Addendum 12936-B, Expedition Two). MTF Eta-10 "See No Evil" was tasked with further investigation and containment.

Operation Aegean Trouble

12 March 2021

Tau-44 is deployed to Malden to investigate reports of activity by the Group Of Interest (GOI) Serpent's Hand. MTF personnel determined that Chaos Insurgency (CI) had beaten them there, found the facility Serpent's Hand had occupied, wiped them out, and claimed it for their own. Tau-44 cleared CI from the facility and the island. Instances of SCP-12936-2 and SCP-12936-3 were located within the facility, and Tau-44 carried out orders to collapse all entrances to the facility as it was not feasible to relocate the objects off-site.

Operation Percontor

28 March 2021 - 11 July 2021

Tau-44 is deployed to the islands of Taviana in the Baltic Sea following reports of the entire nation cutting off all communication. The islands are discovered to be in complete disarray, with the remaining civilian population forming bandit groups, the local military forces having withdrawn into their scattered fortified bases, and the rest of the nation left uninhabited and decaying. MTF personnel uncovered the presence of two Groups Of Interest; GRU Division "P" and the Chaos Insurgency. CI in particular seemed to be working with, or led by, an entity operatives dubbed "Red Skull" (in homage to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite the entity having red skin but an otherwise completely normal human face).

The Operation concluded with MTF personnel breaching Sector D, a secret large-scale underground military research facility deep beneath Taviana. Recovered helmet footage shows that instances of SCP-12936-2 and SCP-12936-3 were identified within.

Operation Hunter

6 July 2021

Tau-44's secondary detachment, en route to reinforce the primary detachment on Taviana via Nu-7's submarine ("Blackout"), is instead diverted as a quick reaction to suspected terrorist actors threatening to release an anomalous pathogen in rural Russia. MTF personnel investigated and discovered the long lost, unrecovered bodies of 21 members of Tau-44's Legion team. It was revealed that the entire scenario was a delay tactic by an unknown actor referring to themselves as SPEAR BREAKER.

The primary detachment later uncovered evidence of communication between SPEAR BREAKER and CI forces on Taviana, suggesting that SPEAR BREAKER is a CI asset tasked specifically with preventing reinforcement by the second detachment; how CI came to learn of Tau-44's strategic operations is as of yet unknown.

Operation Perditus

19 August 2021 - Present


SCP Archive

Operational Information on SCPs: http://www.scpwiki.com/security-clearance-levels http://www.scpwiki.com/object-classes

SCP Archive


Item #: SCP-90019001.png

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9001 is to be stored in a bookshelf that is 900mm wide x 300mm deep x 1800mm high, the bookshelf is to be located in a standard 6m x 5m room. Only personnel of security clearance 2 or higher are to have direct contact with it unless testing is actively underway.

Description: SCP-9001 is a series of history related audio book cassettes that do not outwardly appear to have any anomalous properties, the cassettes primarily cover the topic of lesser known battles throughout human history. The audio series was given to the foundation by an unknown individual who refused to state what the items were capable of; the foundation was unable to track the man down after 9001 was handed in. A variety of tests were conducted on SCP-9001 when it was first given to the foundation and initially nothing of anomalous nature was uncovered. Following this the cassettes were placed in Site-███'s public library. Soon after this however, Security Officer █████ █████████ listening to SCP-9001-1 "The Continuation War" disapeared, resulting in a search for the missing officer. Three days later the officer rematerialised in the library where the cassette player had been left. He had discovered that upon playing the cassettes backwards he was transported into the event the audio book covered. Only once the event reached its climax was he brought back to where he initially disapeared. Security Officer █████ █████████ was given Class B amnestics and returned to normal duties.

SCP-9001 was reclassified as Safe and placed in containment. Initial testing determined that if any of SCP-9001's cassettes were played at -3.5x speed with any non-anomalous cassette player, anyone within 5 meters would disappear and be transported into the historical event of which the tape is covering, the cassette would then begin playing at normal speed on its own. Only once the event had been completed would the individuals transported return to the containment room. Upon further testing, it was noted that the arrival and actions of the test subjects within the cassette were read by the narrator as though they were part of the event.

To ensure accurate notes on the ongoing events are taken, researchers assigned to the research of SCP-9001 are permitted to enter the events personally as opposed to the normal procedure of using D Class Personnel for testing of this nature.

Addendum [SCP-9001A]: Initial tests were conducted using researchers who were part of the project, however following the death of Doctor Steven ███████ in SCP-9001-7 "The Punic Wars"; it was decided that exclusively D Class personnel would be used in its testing due to the risk of actual death inside of the events. Doctor Steven ███████ was unable to be retrieved and was not present upon replaying the specific event in which he died.

Incident 9001-A: On February 11th, ████ a group of four D Class personnel including Hunter ██████, Peter ███████, Jacob ████ and Porter ████████, were sent into the event to test how many individuals can be placed into the event at the same time. After entering the event each D Class was seperated from each other, shortly after regrouping the began deviating from the set of instructions given to them. At first it was not of any concern and was taken as the D Class simply forgetting their specific instructions, however the D Class began directly interacting with a company of Russian partisans involved in skirmishes against Finnish forces in the region. Hunter █████, a former high school historian, appeared to be familiar with the event and was leading an effort to modify the outcome of the event - presumably out of curiosity. Initially it was believed that effects of the this had no bearing on real life and once the specific day of the events end was reached, the D Class would be brought back out of the event.

However it was soon realised that this was not the case, March 11th 1942, the events official end, came and went and the event continued. SCP-9001-1 was observed to anomalously continue to extend the cassettes tape and the narrator continued to follow the event. 

Addendum [SCP-9001B]: While monitoring the events taking place in SCP-9001-1 it has been noted that any deviations from the original event appear to be directly modifying books covering the same event, historical texts have begun anomalously generating new pages and rewriting original text to reflect the changes caused by the interferance of the D Class. 

Addendum [SCP-9001C]: Thirty three missing persons cases have been filed in the area of SCP-9001-1's event, with several families going missing. It is suspected that the deaths of Finnish soldiers who previous survived the events is resulting in the deletion of entire families.






SCP Archive


Item #: SCP-12062

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment area is to be kept behind two reverse-pressure airlocks. Chemical shower sterilization and full self-contained breathing apparatus hazmat suits are mandatory for all personnel entering containment area. Blood tests should be done every 24 hours for ten days after any interaction with SCP-12062. Instances of SCP-12062 must be kept suspended in liquid 1-trichloromethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-β-carboline at -200 degrees Celsius to prevent potential aerosolization.

Access to SCP-12062 is strictly limited to Site-231 Division P research personnel, or individuals who have applied for and received special clearance from the O4 Council or Site-231 Director. When handling SCP-12062 all interactions must take place within a sterile sealed glass case using “Waldo” robotic manipulators. SCP-12062 should be kept immersed in Paraffinum Liquidum and all testing areas should feature a fume hood connected to incinerator at 2500 degrees Celsius. Any atomised samples of SCP-12062 must be returned to their frozen liquid storage unit.

All instances of SCP-12062-1, SCP-12062-2, and SCP-12062-3 should be terminated on sight with extreme prejudice.

Description: SCP-12062 is a biological pathogen believed to have been developed by Afghani tribesmen. When, where, and the specifics of its development are not known at this time. It was delivered to Dmitriy Vlasov - a Russian private citizen living in Afghanistan - in 1981, who tested and attempted to develop it both as a biological weapon and for pharmaceutical purposes. This tradition was carried on by his son, Nikolai Vlasov, who has been in contact with the pathogen for 18 years and has the highest viral cell count of any infected subject found to date.

The pathogen has been hypothesized to have originated in an alternate reality and as such is particularly hard to quantify. It appears to target human biology and has been observed not to affect non-human animalia however is highly contagious to plant life if the strain of SCP-12062 has not diverted too much from its original variant. In order to affect a victim it must be transmitted via bodily fluid or through liquid ingestion or aerosol inhalation at concentration strength equal or greater than 1PPM. Initially infected victims become instances of SCP-12062-1, these infected gain increased strength and durability and seem to be immune to conventional death, rising with only minor cognitive damage from any trauma that would normally kill a human.

One important property of SCP-12062-1 is a "self-resurrection" effect; when instances of SCP-12062-1 are left in a state where they cannot maintain normally bodily functions such as gaining oxygen or sustenance their cognitive functions will rapidly deteriorate, SCP-12062 will mutate to hijack the subject's nervous system as the subject's own brain structures lose cohesion. The subject then becomes an instance of SCP-12062-2, which will mindlessly seek out other humans to infect, using scratches or bites to make fluid contact.

Viable offspring of SCP-12062-1 are classified as SCP-12062-3 and demonstrate vastly increased strength and durability, above and beyond what is exhibited by their parents, as well as instantaneous locomotion via teleportation. Subjects claim the latter instance stems from an ability to "exist in the realm of god". Instances of SCP-12062-3 also demonstrate the capability to project their conscious thoughts, which is felt as a whispering aura within a short range of the anomaly. Proximity or physical contact with SCP-12062-3 causes incredible stress on a victim's body and psyche, but also provides a vector for spontaneous (non fluid-contacted) transmission of SCP-12062 to the victim.

No third-generation subjects (i.e. viable offspring of instances of SCP-12062-3) have been observed as of the time of compilation of these Special Containment Procedures.

In cases where multiple instances of SCP-12062-3 congregate, the following ambient effects have been observed: scattered ionised electrical fields, which manifest as patches of roiling lightning; altered regional weather conditions, manifesting as powerful electrical storms; and pinpoints of green flourescence, which attract vastly increased lightning strike activity within a close proximity (approximately several metres).

On termination, SCP-12062-3 emits a high-pitched shriek and dissipates into a cloud of dense, smokey ash. The cause of this particular effect is currently unknown.

Addendum 12062-A1: CTRG Mission Report, 1981


Addendum 12062-A2: Foundation Analysis Report of Document 12062-A1