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A. Jansen, Director of Operations, Detachment One



Name Jansen, Aaron Age 43
Rank Operative Veteran Complexion Fair
Race Caucasian Eye colour Green Blue Hazel Brown
Date of birth ██/██/████ Sex Male
Place of birth South Australia Hair Black
Nationality Australian Height 6' 0"
Build Large Weight 93 Kg

Relevant History

Royal Australian Regiment, A.D.F. 4 years
Special Air Service Regiment, A.D.F. 4 years
Royal Australian Expeditionary Force 2 years
Commonwealth Joint Task Force 2 years
Site Security, Site-788 2 months
MTF Lambda-5 6 months
███ █████-█ 3 years
MTF Tau-44 10 years


A. Jansen is a highly experienced soldier operative, currently serving with Mobile Task Force Tau-44 "Phalanx". Having been demoted and transfered from ███ █████-█ for insubordinate actions in the field, costing the lives of 11 fellow operatives and intentional destruction of SCP-███. Following a lengthy review process, Operative Jansen was spared from being demoted to Class D personnel and was instead transferred and demoted.

Prior to his service within the foundation, Jansen had experience within the Australian Defence Force, the Royal Australian Expeditionary Force and the Commonwealth Joint Task Force. At the age of 17 Jansen dropped out of high school and enlisted into the Australian Army as a rifleman, serving four years mainly in non-combat duties, having only deployed once to East Timor where he saw very little combat. Wanting nothing more than to experience combat, Jansen tried out for the SASR, passing with flying colors and making it into regiment.

Once in, Jansen was almost immediately deployed to the middle east, serving numerous deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Serving with distinction, he was hand selected for the newly formed Royal Australian Expeditionary Force, a company sized special forces unit which specialised in exclusively offensive operations. However, after two years the Royal Australian Expeditionary Force was decommisioned following a slew of war crime investigations and enormous cuts in funding despite being considered an overall success.

After 12 months hiatus, a collection of Commonwealth nations took the idea of the Royal Australian Expeditionary Force and expanded upon it, creating a large multinational yet independent military force designed to conduct specialised combat operations against primarily near-peer threats in the shadows. This force was called the Commonwealth Joint Task Force

In an unfortunate series of events, Jansen and a platoon of CJTF Operators were deployed to investigate suspicious activity in central Ukraine, which was suspected to be a chemical attack by the Russian Government. However, unbeknownst to CJTF, SCP-████ had breached containment and was wreaking havok throughout the region. 37 hours after arrival in Ukraine, Jansen and his platoon made contact with SCP-████. Despite their best efforts, all but 3 operators were killed before Mobile Task Force Lambda-12 were able to subdue SCP-████. 

Jansen and the surviving Operatives were brought into foundation custody and offered employment within the or they could reject the offer and be amnesticised. All four operators including Jansen accepted the offer, beggining Jansen's service within the foundation. Initially serving 2 months as site security while he recovered from injuries, before being recruited into Lambda-5, specializing in traversing unstable, surreal, and controlled reality, and containing potentially dangerous persons and artifacts capable of manipulating space and time.

After 6 months of exemplary service and being awarded the foundation star following an incident in which Jansen and 7 other members of Lambda-5 ███████ █ ██-█████ █████ from occuring. Jansen's service within Lambda-5 caught the interest of ███ █████-█ who recruited Jansen. Following 3 years of service, he was then removed from the task force following a case of severe insubordination in the field. Where normally for such behavior an operative would either be executed or relegated to Class D, Jansen's prior service and experience was put into consideration and he was trasnfered to the relatively new Mobile Task Force Tau-44 "Phalanx" and given command of a detachment.