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Operation Homefront


Operation Homefront

Location: Tanoa, Horizon Islands, South Pacific Sea

Written by Captain A.Jansen

AO Situation

With Europe suddenly exploding into war between two of the worlds largest super powers and COVID-19 ravaging most of the world, infecting millions and killing thousands - most of the world is in a panic. Few peaceful nations remain and even fewer remain relatively untouched by COVID-19. One of these few, untouched by war and the pandemic is Australia. 

Australia, In an attempt to quell the virus and protect its national security, deployed a majority of its defence forces to enforce shut downs and quarantine as well as ramping up coastal patrols and monitoring. Following nearly a year of national shut down, Australia began running as per normal again, despite this however border security was maintained. During and after the lockdown, enormous numbers of Southeast Asian and pacific islander refugees began attempting to smuggle themselves into Australia by boat, makeshift submarine and even by air occasionally; Most attempts were thwarted however, preventing possible outbreaks occurring as a result of refugees importing the virus. Attempts have not ceased and by all counts have increased despite the nearly one hundred percent failure rate. The Australian government has requested external assistance to deal with the source of the refugee crisis.

According to Australian intelligence, the ones responsible for coordinating and supplying the refugees with means of transportation is a criminal organisation centralised on a south pacific nation called the Horizon Islands. This group called Syndikat is well known to the Australian government due to their involvement in a bloody ongoing civil war in the Horizon Islands, as well as illegal activity on the island of Fiji, closely located to the Horizon Islands.

Faction & Important Individuals Briefings

Horizon Islands Defence Force - BLUFOR

Syndikat - OPFOR

AO Background

Tanoa, Northern Division, Horizon Islands



Capital of Tanoa: Georgetown

Capital of Horizon Islands: La Roche

Official Language(s): English, French



Ethnic Groups: N/A


Demonym: Tanoan

Population: ~1,250,000 in Total Horizon Islands, ~600,000 in Tanoa


Founded: 1677 Colonised by the French, Gained independence in 1863


Drives on the: Right.

Government & Economy

Currency: Horizon Franc

Government: Unitary, parliamentary, constitutional republic.

President: Benjamin Hope

Military: Horizon Islands Defence Forces

The Horizon Islands consists of archipelagos divided up into four main "divisions": the NorthernCentralEastern, and Southern regions. The capital city of the nation, La Roche, is located in the country's Central division. All of the landmasses consist largely of dense jungles and lush tropical flora surrounded by steep mountainous cliffs. It is located near the commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. 

The Horizon islands military is the Horizon Islands Defence Forces (HIDF) and the HIDF Gendarmerie who are responsible for the law enforcement and military protection of the Islands.

The Tanoa Province (located in the nation's Northern division) covers a total landmass of 100 square kilometres:

Tanoa is the central island where the Northern division's capital of Georgetown is located. It is the most densely populated out of the five islands, and also serves as the economic hub of the nation.

Besides the capital, other notable locations include the main international airport (Aéroport de Tanoa) in the south, the Blue Pearl industrial shipping port in the north-east, the Red Spring strip mine, as well as the (inactive) volcano located directly in the centre of the island.

A road bridge connects Tanoa to the smaller island of Moddergat to the south-east.


Mainland (Tanoa)

The mainland of the Northern Division is referred to as Tanoa. A majority of the population of the ND is centered here and as such so is the majority of the fighting between the HIDF and Syndikat.


The second largest (though more sparsely populated) island in the archipelago, Moddergat is linked to the Tanoan mainland via the aforementioned road bridge. Most citizens reside in the town of Lijnhaven, which serves as the island's biggest settlement.

HIDF intel suggests that there is a decent sized Syndikat presence in the Western division of Moddergat which often range out to the east and kidnap people from Lijnhaven for ransom. As of yet the HIDF has made no attempt to quell the Syndikat presence here.


Balavu & Katkoulakat.png

The third most-populated island, Balavu has three smaller ports for cargo shipping and domestic ferries. Many citizens reside in the villages and towns scattered throughout the island, with a road bridge connecting Balavu to Katkoula island to the south-east.

Located directly south-east of Balavu, Katkoula is the fourth island in the archipelago. Unlike Balavu, most of its residents reside in the larger towns rather than in the smaller villages.

Katkoula island is also home to an airstrip, called Bala Airstrip. Initially it was constructed by the Tanoan Enthusiast Pilots Club however according to HIDF Intelligence, it is now used for flying drugs, weapons and other illegal materials in and out of the island.

Katkoula is considered to be a heavy Syndikat stronghold and is considered one of the most strategically important locations in the Syndikats smuggling operations. Frequent attempts by the HIDF have been made to attack the island but all naval and air assaults have been repelled with anti-air weapon systems and a large presence of paramilitaries and bandits occupying the island. Additional attempts have been made to attack from the NE and cross the bridge connecting Katkoula and Balavu however all attempts have failed and the bridge has since been fortified by Syndikat forces. Frequent long range duels take place between HIDF forces present on Belavu and Syndikat on Katkoula across the water.


The smallest and least populated of the five islands, Tuvanaka mostly serves as a giant military base with only two towns, Belfort, and Tuvanka, being inhabited by civilians. Tuvanaka is the only island in the archipelago that does not have a bridge connecting it to any other landmass. This island is under complete HIDF control and would be the most suitable location for a ground based FOB should one be required, with its only disadvantage being the inability to deploy ground based vehicles from this location. 


The climate in the Horizon Islands is tropical marine and warm all-year round, with particularly hot and humid summers. Rainfall is variable, though the archipelago typically experiences heavy thunderstorms on a regular basis. Occasional earthquakes and tremors have become frequent in the area, displacing locals regularly and forcing them to frequently rebuild or leave the island. 

Additionally, Tanoa experiences periods of monsoon weather. Typically around August and September.

Mission Overview

By request of Australia and by order of the Commonwealth, CTRG-1 is to deploy to the Northern Division of the Horizon Islands to conduct a COIN operation with the intent of disrupting and destroying the Syndikat insurgency responsible for the refugee crisis threatening Australia's borders.

CTRG-1 using all its available assets is to conduct it's own missions throughout the islands as well as to assist HIDF forces in their ongoing operations where necessary. 

AO Strategic Intelligence

Tanoa and the entire Northern Division of the Horizon islands is a warzone with no defined front lines. The conflict rages on all sides and all directions, making it difficult to determine what is friend and what is foe. In conjunction with HIDF and Australian Intelligence several "heat maps" have been created to help establish a picture of where Syndikat activity is focused throughout the islands.legend.png

Areas have been marked out in four different colors signifying different things:

Red square: Heavy enemy presence. Camps, fortifications and patrols are to be expected.

Orange Square: Medium/Light Enemy Presence. Patrols and ambushes are to be expected but not guaranteed. However they prepared positions with fortifications etc are unlikely. 

Yellow Square:
In contest. This means that HIDF and Syndikat are actively engaged with each other in frequent firefights. Other zones may have HIDF and Syndikat occasionally clashing with each other, however the yellow zones are to signify an ongoing struggle of power in a certain area.

Blue Square: Signifys friendly held areas with little enemy activity.

Red Circles/Ovals: These signify specific hotspots of enemy in any type of zone.



As stated in the AO Background, the mainland is home to a majority of the Northern Divisions fighting. The HIDF are actively focused on rooting out all Syndikat presence within the mainland before shifting focus to the lesser islands. However, based on our analysis - this is likely a poor choice, due to the fact that the lesser islands allow free movement for the Syndikat around the exterior of the mainland for troops and supplies.

As you can see, the Westernmost and Easternmost sides of the mainland are held by HIDF Forces, with Blue Pearl Industrial port and Georgetown - the two biggest economically important locations on the island - being the focus of their forces to hold. HIDF are in the process of conducting a push through the area's north of Loganville and West of Blue Pearl. Syndikat forces are reportedly putting up fierce resistance, with a sizable force of Paramilitaries and Bandits fighting in those areas.

The Syndikat hold all the area through the center of the mainland all the way up through the coral reef. A large Syndikat presence is active through their and likely have a number of bases present in these areas. The HIDF report that they have lost six birds to anti-air presence in the central areas. The HIDF also believe Mignard Timoci and Tomoy Kingi are present in this area and are commanding the Western and Eastern actions of the Syndikat. 

Lami and Lilou are relatively peaceful but occasional gangs of criminals will roam these areas and kidnap people, plant improved explosives and ambush Gendarmerie (Police) patrols. The Syndikat have been attempting to push to the direct North of this area, and to the straight East of Georgetown. Likely attempting to establish positions within range of Georgetown.

The coral reef to the North of the mainland is believed to be one of the locations used by the Syndikat to launch boats towards Australia. The Syndikat smuggle people from the south, through the center of the mainland, through to the coral reef and on to Australia from there.



Moddergatis he second island of the Northern Division. HIDF intel suggests that there is a decent sized Syndikat presence in the Westernmost area of Moddergat, centered around the town of Moddergat - which often range out to the east and kidnap people from Lijnhaven for ransom. As of yet the HIDF has made no attempt to quell the Syndikat presence here. Mostly bandits and petty criminals appear to be present here, with reports of two possible Paramilitary camps at Bleric and Tuadua Island (SW).

Balavu & Katkoula


Katkoula is one of the Syndikats most important strategic positions. Intel suggests that the Syndikat smuggling trade is centered on this island due to its easy access by sea, and the airstrip present on the island. According to reports compiled by the HIDF, some civilians who have fled the area claim that the island is run like a prison. What few civilians left on the island are not allowed to leave their homes, and strict curfews are enforced by parties of bandits and paramilitaries - reportedly personally commanded by Ganilau Wehilani. 

The HIDF report a heavy anti-air presence covering the Yanukka bay.

The bridge connecting Katkoula and Balavu is heavily fortified and manned following numerous attempts by the HIDF to cross it. Balavu itself is subject to frequent HIDF airborne operations launched from Tuvanaka, however none have succeeded so far. No one side currently controls Balavu right now, with it constantly changing hands.



Tuvanaka is considered the safest area in the entire Northern Division. Belfort and the entire Eastern side of the island is not occupied by any side and has not seen any fighting in quite some time. Tuvanaka airbase is the main HQ of the Horizon Islands Defence Force right now and as such it is well defended. Despite this however, the small town of Nani is occupied by a small force of bandits who have managed to hold out for some time.

Civilian Presence

Civilians may be present across the map; HIDF intelligence states areas marked by a black box are where the largest concentrations of civilians are.

Phase 1 - Balavu & Katkoula


Katkoula island is heavily occupied by Syndikat forces and Balavu is slowly being enveloped by Syndikat forces as a result of numerous failed attempts to take the islands by the HIDF. 


To clear all Syndikat presence from Balavu and Katkoula to allow HIDF forces to move in and occupy the territory, IOT cut off supply and reinforcement to the mainland as well as to disrupt the Syndikat's major source of capital.

Recon Report 26/08/20


Intel gathered by CTRG-1 Recon have identified the following:

  • Muaceba & North Point Ferry are clear. No enemy presence, small civilian presence identified at these locations. Exact numbers unknown.

  • Tavu is empty, excluding one building guarded by three confirmed Syndikat fighters, classified as Tier Two (Bandits). At one point a M113 APC armed with an M2 drove through Tavu.

  • Lega, status unknown.

  • Balavu is lightly populated by civilians. A patrol of 4 men armed with handguns were actively patrolling the area, as well as two more men with handguns who were guarding the radio tower to the SW of the town. One of the recon teams were caught by this patrol and in the attempted break contact killed all 6 men. However an additional patrol of approximately 4 men armed with rifles and machineguns killed the recon team. No bodies or sensitive equipment was able to be recovered, it is likely that this position will be reinforced in the coming days as a result.

  • Laikoro is occupied by civilians. No hostile presence noted.

  • The fuel depot in the center of Balavu is destroyed. Likely from prior fighting.

  • Namuvaka is destroyed. Likely from prior fighting.

  • To the south east of Namuvaka in the mangroves, a recon team identified a number of trip flares and mines setup in the area. 

  • The Northwestern end of the bridge connected to Balavu was unable to be checked, however HIDF intel has stated that it is blocked off and fortified.

  • Recon noted a roaming patrol at the Southeastern end of the island, as well as a single man with a sidearm roaming the northern end of the island.



Intel gathered by CTRG-1 Recon have identified the following:

  • Cerebu has a singular M2 machinegun pit located within the town, facing north.

  • To the SW of Cerbu a small camp of Paramilitaries are present, with one Humvee (M2)

  • Heat signatures were noted at Kournac however what exactly the signatures were is unknown.

  • On the Southwestern shore a small camp is present,  a four man patrol of paramilitaries were spotted patrolling the area around this camp along the shore which is likely where they are based from who were spotted patrolling the shore.
  • At the southwestern most tip of Katkoula, Vulture spotted what is likely an internment camp being used to hold people wishing to be smuggled into Australia. At the time of recon, 12 civilians were spotted in the camp. Guarded by roughly 10 infantry. Four boats were beached nearby. The road north of the camp is actively patrolled by vehicles and an unknown sized element of Syndikat.

  • The radio tower to the SW of Yanukka is guarded by two men and a four man roaming patrol passes it frequently, patrolling the jungle to the West of it.

  • Lailai, status unknown.

  • Industrial site to the NNW of spot height 172, unknown.

  • Two seperate infantry patrols noted to the north of spot height 172 along the hillside and the roads.

  • Katkoula (town), status unknown.

  • Yanukka appears to be heavily occupied and is likely being used as housing for most of the islands forces. A number of foot patrols and vehicle patrols were noted circling the town and following the roads leading in and out of the town. SGT. Bulk noted a M113 APC in the area.

  • To the SSW of Yanukka a fortified AAA position and mortar pit was noted, as well as a light technical guarding the position.

  • Bala airstrip is guarded by a force of ~6 Tier 2 (Bandits) fighters. A stinger position is present on the ATC Tower roof. At the time of recon an Mi8 helicopter, AN-2 plane and a Cessna were present on the runway with the Cessna visibly unloading what looked to be crates of ammunition or weapons.

  • On the NE end of Bala airstrip a small camp of Paramilitaries is setup.

  • An armed 4WD was noted patrolling to and from Katkoula.

  • Savaka, status unknown. A majority of the northeastern side of the island was not able to be surveyed. 

  • The Katkoula side of the connecter bridge is guided by a bunker system below the bridge facing NNW, another bunker system to the West of that has a 50 cal position, a number of infantry and a ZU-23 AAA position. An additional AAA position is present in the center of the bridge with an Igla and a ZU-23 as well. Also, a third position was noted to the south along the shoreline with one, possibly two mortar tubes.

    Tuvanaka Hotspots:
    hotspots.pngIntel gathered by CTRG-1 Recon have identified the following:

  • Isle Douen - 6x Tier 3 (Paramilitary) fighters and a 1x Beached RHIB.
  • Nani - Approximately 8x Tier 3 (Paramilitary) fighters, 1x Quadbike and 2x Mortar positions.

    Post Phase 1


After Action Summary

Objectives completed. Balavu and Katkoula cleared of Syndikat presence. 387 Syndikat fighters killed in action.

Intel Gathered:



To: Shadow
From: Motombo Hana

This position is not feasable. We are retreating.



To: Motombo Hana
From: Shadow

Good luck brother/comrade.



To: General Cui Tingfeng
From: This PC (Unknown sender)

The British are here on Katkoula. We need help.



To: This PC (Unknown sender)
From: Shadow

Help is not coming.

Intel Analysis

While the intel is mostly inconsequential it does present some interesting facts. To the best of our knowledge, all members of the Syndikat are Tanoan or Fijian and speak French - which makes the fact that the emails are in Chinese interesting. It appears that the sender of the emails was reporting changes in the situation on Katkoula and Balavu to "Shadow" and General Cui Tingfeng, we are not able to determine if Shadow and General Tingfeng are one and the same. 

These names will need to be looked out for in any future intelligence gathered.

Updated Heatmap


Since the iniation of Phase 1 the situattion on the main island has changed slightly.

Luganville has been enveloped to the North, cutting HIDF forces off at Blue Pearl port and Luganville. Reports suggest that these positions will likely fall without a concerted effort to free up the HIDF forces here.

Aeroport De Tanoa has been recaptured by the HIDF and is undergoing repairs, however as a result of the effort to capture the air port the area to the South East of Georgetown was pushed by Syndikat forces, placing Syndikat within striking distance of Georgetown and making it easier to harrass the city.


Phase 2 - Moddergat


Moddergat is occupied by Syndikat forces and is a haven for kidnapping. A force of bandits congregate in the area and frequently range out to kidnap locals as well as to resupply and reinforce Syndikat forces across the river to the north.


To clear all Syndikat presence from Moddergat.

Recon Report 08/09/20
Moddergat & Tobakoro:
  • Civilian Presence in Moddergat.
  • 8 Man Patrol patrolling through the center of the town through to Toba.
  • "Fancy" building in town occupied by singular civilian.
  • AAA Located at circled camp position. 
  • No vehicles present in Moddergat.
  • 4x EI within the town spotted.
  • Two more possible camps spotted. Possibly AAA positions or checkpoints.
  • Quadbike spotted on jungle trails.
  • 6 Unidentified occupants at Tobakoro
  • 4 man patrol present in the jungle to the south.
WP1: 8 man patrol moving through Moddergat, then on to Tobakoro. 'Fancy' building had a civ. civs in town, ei in town (approx 4). No vics spotted. 'Camp' markers seem to be positions for checkpoints and/or AA/HMG. HIDF Recon plane doing some very low passes. Circled Camp / AAA location, enemy engaged with AAA and Air to air missile. Was then struck by a super tacano. Quads used on the jungle trails.

  • Heavy weaponry likely present near WP2/Camp? mark.
  • Possible training camp.
  • Mine observed on trail near WP3.

During brief stay at WP1, large amounts of gunfire inc 'Heavy' calibre, either Kord or AAA, heard. WP2: Photos show the camp near WP2, likely position the fire came from. One large explosion heard. Upon reaching WP2, more fire began, silhouette targets spotted on location, probs small training camp/used to blow off steam. Did not check thoroughly enough to tell if AA present or not.

  • At WP3 eyes on Lijnhaven was scouted. No enemy presence in Lijnhaven noted. Civilian occupied.
  • Light enemy presence at Bleric hotspot. No vehicles present.

From WP3 recon was conducted on Saint-george airfield. Prior to arriving at WP3 two planes were observed taking off from the airfield with one of them crashing upon takeoff, straight east of the airfield. Upon reaching WP3 the team observed a deal of some sort going on between an unidentified member of the Syndikat and a uniformed individual of unknown origin. The build and appearance of Syndikat member fits that of Solomon Maru.


Alternate Tasking - Operation Imone


Blue Pearl Industrial Port and Luganville have fallen. A sudden and violent push by the Syndikat overwhelmed the HIDF garrisons and occupied these locations. Following the defeat at Blue Pearl Industrial Port, roughly a platoon of survivors were attempting to flee west to friendly lines. To support their retreat an Australian MQ-9 Reaper and a team of HIDF Commandos were dispatched, however upon reaching an overwatch position the MQ-9 Reaper was shot out of the sky, at an altitude of 6000m - the drone then came down and crashed in within a 1.5km radius of the village of Imone (105, 105), SE of Mount Tanoa. However despite the loss of the drone the platoon of HIDF survivors were able to successfully flee, following the successful withdrawal of the friendly forces the Commando team were then retasked to retrieve the black box from the MQ-9 Reaper. 

Upon reaching Imone, the UH-1H helicopter carrying the Commando team was struck with an RPG and lost all engine power forcing them to crash land somewhere to the West of the temple ruins (110, 084). Following the crash HIDF were able to get in contact with some survivors of the crash however radio communications were lost shortly after they were established. 

Situation - Terrain

Observation – Steep hilly terrain with dense jungle. Mixture of roads and structures spread throughout the region.

Cover – High volume of volcanic rocks around the Commando Crash site. Very little cover available around Imone.

Obstacle – Natural impediments of Jungle. Impassable rock formation from 103, 087 to 109, 086

Key Terrain – Temple Ruins, Imone.

Avenue of approach – Unknown.

Situation - Enemy (Syndikat)

Size – Unknown. Prior to crash Australian recon estimated between 200-300 fighters spread throughout the region

Activities – Patrols throughout controlled territory. 

Locations – As per territory markings.

Units – Paramilitaries & Bandits.

Tactics – Guerilla, hit and run. Tactic of stand and defend has reportedly been abandoned as a result of recent defeats.

Equipment - In addition to pre-established equipment and organisation, HIDF survivors confirmed sighting Syndikat Paramilitaries with Chinese rifles and thermal/NVG goggles. 

Habits – Hit and run.

Intention – Defend territory, 

Morale – Unknown, assumed to be high following recent victories at Blue Pearl and Luganville.


CTRG 1 is to conduct SEARCH AND RESCUE for ALL Tanoan Commandos, pilots and crew involved in the crash. All bodies are to be retrieved and returned to Tuvanaka Airbase, all surviving crew are to be returned to the same location. Upon successful retrieval of all crew of the crash, CTRG 1 is to then search for the MQ-9 crash and download all data from the drones blackbox and storage drives (if they are still intact). Any intact portions of the drone are to then be demolished.

Updated Heatmap


Phase 3A


Suspicions of Chinese involvement with the Syndikat has been confirmed. Initial suspicions were raised following a recon teams observations of an arms deal going on between a Syndikat commander and an unidentified man and a subsiquent plane crash which was found to be carrying chinese marked weapon crates full of modern Chinese equipment. Then during Operation Imone four Chinese special operators were killed by our teams, confirming our suspicions.

Based on what we have observed the Chinese is supplying the Syndikat with weapons and powerful anti-air systems as well as directly working with the Syndikat on the ground. We are unsure if there is more than the four Chinese soldiers present on Tanoa and if there is, what their ultimate goal is. 

It is imperative we find this information out however it is unlikely that this will be possible through the current method of operation we are using. As such a shift in our tactics will be required to ascertain this information and thwart China's plans in Tanoa, whatever they may be.

To gather this intelligence and also to disrupt the Syndikat and its command structure in the same swoop, it has been determined that the best method is to capture three of the Syndikats leaders and attempt to extract the information from them and destabilise the Syndikat in the process.

Three individuals have been identified as High Value Targets. 

  • Tomoy Kingi - 2IC of the Syndikat. Tomoy has been identified by a HIDF drone NE of Tanouka, likely coordinating Syndikat forces in the area.
  • Ganilau Wehilani - 3IC of the Syndikat. Ganilau has been spotted in a small settlement SW of Blue Pearl Industrial Port. He was spotted commanding the forces responsible for taking the port, he is likely taking time to recover following the intense fighting.
  • Motombo Hana - 4IC of the Syndikat. Motombo is currently in the town of La Rochelle, he was located from a post made on Social media within the last 24 hours. His purpose in La Rochelle is unknown.

CTRG-1 is tasked with capturing three of five Syndikat commanders in a coordinated action across Tanoa with the intent of extracting information regarding Chinese involvement with the Syndikat as well as to destabilise the Syndikat forces in the region clearing the way for HIDF forces to initiate a coordinated push East to root out the disoriented Syndikat forces.


CTRG 1 will be split into three teams, CTRG-1-Alpha, CTRG-1-Bravo and CTRG-1-Charlie. Each team is tasked with capturing a HVT each using varying methods of execution.

The overall plan is split throughout the northern half of the main island. Alpha is tasked with capturing Tomoy Kingi, Bravo with Motombo Hana and Charlie with Ganilau Wehilani.


Alpha Team Execution & Intel

Following the HIDF's discovery of Tomoy Kingi's location a company of infantry was immediately gathered and is tasked with fighting their way to his location and capturing Kingi. 

Alpha team will insert to LZ Interval and assist with the HIDF push towards Kingi's position. Upon capture a HIDF helicopter will extract Kingi to safety.

Tomoy's position appears to be fortified and guarded by an estimated force of 30 bandits, with a further 80 bandits spread throughout the nearby area. Six technicals with machineguns and SPG's have been identified in the area as well. No civilians are present in the area.


Bravo Team Execution & Intel

While Alpha team works with the HIDF to fight through contested territory, Bravo will insert to LZ Contour. However, to avoid spooking Motombo, Bravo will be donning civilian clothing and concealed handguns. We have organised for two civilian vehicles to be stashed at LZ Contour to be used for transport. Motombo is to be retured to LZ Contour for extraction, all civilian vehicles are to be destroyed upon extraction.

Should Bravo finish their objective before Alpha, they are to rearm and move in to assist with Alpha's mission.

Once in La Rochelle, Bravo team is to get confirmed eyes on Motombo and attempt to capture and extract him. La Rochelle is moderately populated by civilians, a skeleton crew of 15-25 Paramilitary fighters are positioned in La Rochelle. No vehicles observed. A force of 50 bandits are positioned to the East at the La Rochelle Aerodrome and are likely to respond to any commotion in the town.


Charlie Team Execution & Intel

Charlie team is tasked with capturing Ganilau Wehilani. Charlie will HALO drop from 8000m deep in enemy territory and attempt to capture Wehilani. Once Wehilani is captured, Charlie will need move Ganilau south to Harcourt where a detachment of Australians will extract him to FOB Moddergat. A helicopter will then extract Charlie team from Harcourt.

Ganilau is obviously located deep in enemy territory. His hamlet is heavily fortified with mortar positions within the hamlet and checkpoints covering all the roads. An estimated 40 paramilitary fighters are present inside of and within 300m of the halmet. A further 200 bandits are currently holding Blue Pearl Industrial port and are likely to reinforce Ganilau's position upon fighting beggining. An estimated 8 technical vehicles have been sighted patrolling the area.


Phase 3B

Cancelled due to failure of Phase 3A.


Phase 4


Phase 3 was an utter failure due to the loss of all three high value targets, two of which were killed and the third escaped. In the process of the HVT extraction, Chinese forces paradropped a platoon of PLA Infantry in an attempt to rescue the second in command of the Syndikat, it is unknown where they came from however they quickly overwhelmed our position and forced our retreat. During the retreat the final HVT that was still in our hands was killed intentionally by Chinese special forces likely once they realised they could not rescue him alive and to prevent him from divulging any information once returned to base for interogation.

However, despite the ultimate failure to capture all three HVT's, the secondary intended outcome was still a success. The death of two of four remaining Syndikat commanders has already had a dramatic effect on their morale and coordination. Large swathes of territory have been captured throughout the week by HIDF forces as a result.

A HIDF tank column with supporting mechanised infantry, rocket artillery and HIDF Commandos have moved into position north of Harcourt with the intent of assisting us with capturing the towns of Oumere, Luganville and Nandai. Reinforcements from the rest of the Horizon Islands have just recently arrived with thousands of soldiers and numerous heavy assets such as Abrams tanks and it has put fuel in the tank for the HIDF on Tanoa, morale is high.

However, despite recent success HIDF forces have come to a halt up north, held back by a well dug in and well coordinated Paramilitary force at La Rochelle and Mount Tanoa, sightings of Chinese paratroopers fighting alongside the Syndikat have also been made, likely the ones from the paradrop last week. We believe that Mount tanoa and its neighbouring communications sites Alpha and Bravo are being used to communicate with nearby Chinese forces, explaining the desperateness of the defence there. Additionally, we believe that the two remaining leaders of the Syndikat - Solomon Maru and Ganilau Wehilani are likely held up to the east at Blue Pearl Industrial port making it of utmost importance to the Syndikat that the HIDF do not break through there.

As such, with our assistance HIDF forces plan on taking a long flank around the Southeastern and eastern shoreline. However to also assist with the efforts up north, plans have been made to destroy the communications sites at mount Tanoa.

Updated Heatmap


Mission & Execution

CTRG-1 is tasked with multifaceted mission with the following primary objectives:

  • Capture Oumere.
  • Capture Luganville.
  • Capture Nandai.
  • Destroy all northern communications towers.

CTRG-1 will be split into two groups, one larger group tasked with the clearance and capture of all southern objectives and another team tasked with HALO dropping far north and covertly destroying all northern communication towers.

Southern Group Intelligence

All civilians have been told to evacuate the area. Any civilians still present are to be detained or if absolutely nessecary be lethally dealt with should they interfere with the mission.

To the direct South West of Oumere is an old WW2 bunker system, currently occupied by an estimated force of 30 Bandits. With a roadblock connected to the bunker system, preventing direct travel through to Oumere.

Oumere itself is heavily defended and fortified with an estimated 60-80 bandits and petty criminals protecting it.

Luganville is occupied by a force of 30 Paramilitary fighters and an additional 25-30 bandits.

Nandai is poorly defended. It appears to be primarily occupied by Petty Criminals.

6 technicals present in the AO.



In addition to the primary objectives the following secondary objectives are to be completed by the northern team if possible:

Northern Team Intelligence

Mount Tanoa is defended by an estimated 250 bandits and paramilitaries, as well as a possible platoon of Chinese paratroopers. Stealth is required to destroy the towers, failure to do so will likely result in the death of all team members. CTRG Command has been working hard on reverse engineering captured Chinese technology from prior operations, a break through has been made and equipment to assist with the stealthy execution of the mission will be provided to the team, further information will be provided on the day.

Blue Pearl Industrial port is defended by what we estimate to be a platoon of Paramilitary fighters. Ganilau Wehilani is believed to have fled there following his escape last week. We also belive Solomon Maru may be present. If possible, a sniper team using a precision bolt action could setup to the SW of the port and attempt to eliminate the HVT's if they are present.


In the crater of Mount Tanoa a newly constructed building has been spotted by satellite imagery. We are unsure what it is and according to the Tanoan government it was not built by them. If the team is able, they are to investigate the structure.


Phase 5


Phase 4 was a success, Ganilau Wehilani was successfully eliminated and a large chunk of territory was captured all in one night. As it stands over 75% of Tanoa is held by BLU forces leaving Mount Tanoa and Blue Pearl Industrial port as the last major strongholds of the Syndikat. 

Due to the success of Phase 4 as well as further success by the HIDF up north, both Mount Tanoa and Blue Pearl Industrial port are within striking distance. This leaves the Syndikat cornered and with no where to run. The HIDF have rerouted most of their forces up north and are planning a coordinated push East towards the port in concert with us pushing North towards the port with the intent of capturing the port and encircling Mount Tanoa completely.

Updated Heatmap



CTRG-1 is tasked with pushing North from Luganville and capturing all the ground leading upto and including the Blue Pearl Industrial Port. 

Vatukoulu is occupied by 30-35 Bandits in prepared fortified positions facing direct South. These positions are to be destroyed before moving on North.


(S-FVEY) Vatukoulo fortified positions.


(S-FVEY) Vatukoulo fortified positions (Map)

Blue Pearl Industrial Port is occupied by an estimated 100-150 fighters, numerous fortified positions have been established around the port as well as machinegun positions established on pre-existing structures. Several technicals have been placed in advantageous positions in and around the port as well, facing in all directions. Anti-air cannon positions were also noted watching back Reaper head camera footage.


(S-FVEY) Port fortified positions.


(S-FVEY) Port fortified positions. (Map)

Minimal damage is to be done to the port, the port is a highly economically important location for the greater Horizon Islands.

Phase 6


Phase 5 was a failure, Blue Pearl Industrial port was not taken. However that is no fault of our own, the port was mostly captured before orders for retasking were received - allowing Chinese paratroopers and seaborne troops to reinforce the port, negating any progress made by CTRG-1. 

During the siege of the port a large Chinese fleet managed to move into Tanoan waters, splitting off a small battle group to sink friendly HIDF Naval ships to the North of Tuvanaka island. CTRG-1 was then immediately retasked with trying to recapture friendly ships and attempt to board and destroy the Chinese battle group; which was achieved successfully. 

However despite the successful elimination of four Chinese destroyers, Chinese naval forces have still managed to completely encircle Tanoa and have begun deploying landing parties all over the northern and sourthern shorelines as well as platoons of paratroopers wherever friendly anti-air is not present. However, PLAAF aircraft have been rapidly destroying any and all anti-air that they can - making a large majority of the islands airspace controlled by the Chinese. Within the first 72 hours, the entire Western and northern portions of the AO fell to Chinese forces, forcing the HIDF inland - this has however worked against the Chinese as it appears they are attempting to push their way into Mount Tanoa which is now cut off and surrounded by HIDF forces retreating from the north and west. However it is unlikely that the HIDF forces can hold for long.

We believe that whatever is in Mount Tanoa is of great importance to the Chinese as they have dedicated a giant force to trying to push the area. As such, it is of great importance that we prevent that from happening and take whatever they have there and get it off the island for safekeeping or destroy it. 

In addition to the Chinese forces dedicated to the blockade of Tanoa, a large naval force appears to be headed further west towards the Solomon Islands and possibly the Northern tip of Australia. 

Updated Heatmap



CTRG-1 is tasked with assaulting and securing Mount Tanoa before Chinese forces break through Tanoan defensive lines to the North and West. As well as extracting or destroying any valuable technology or intelligence found within the mount tanoa facility.

Mount Tanoa is defended heavily from the South by two bunker positions on the hillside watching east, west and of course south. Roughly 25 Chinese paratroopers with an equivalent Syndikat Paramilitary force patrol the hillside and occupy the fortifications.


(S-FVEY) Southern Bunkers Systems


The Mount Tanoa communications base is defended from all sides with only a single entrace on the eastern side. It was previously poorly defended and guarded, allowing a CTRG-1 Team to sneak in and heavily damage the communications equipment at the site. This position is occupied by an unknown number of Chinese and Syndikat, total estimates are between 20 and 30.


(S-FVEY) Comms Alpha

Mount Tanoa's crater houses your objective, a dome structure built on a raised platform. It is unknown what is inside the structure however it is guarded by roughly 8 chinese soldiers on the exterior. As well as 5 bunkers on the rim of the crater facing in all directions, guarding any approaches up the sides of the crater. 


(S-FVEY) Crater Bunkers


(S-FVEY) Rough Map Positions of bunkers.


Phase 7


Phase 6 was a success. Mount Tanoa was successfully taken and a set of trucks carrying what the chinese reffered to as Strain 21 was destroyed. No information was found as to the origin or use of the strain 21 was, however it was destroyed and is of no threat anymore. HIDF forces have fallen back to Mount Tanoa to establish a foothold there. 

Chinese forces are nearing the Solomon islands, likely intending to use the islands as a launch pad for an Invasion of Papua New Guinea and Australia. However the blockade on Tanoa remains, making any escape attempts impossible without making a hole through the blockade. 



CTRG-1 is tasked with clearing the way through Chinese naval mine fields and Chinese navy ships to facilitate an escape to allow for CTRG-1 to reroute and assist Australian forces in thwarting China's attempts at invasion.



The only viable escape path for us is through Madmans strait, heading north west. The Chinese have established a number of naval mine fields along the strait leaving a single opening between Yasa and Sosuvo Island; This is the path you will need to take. 


(S-FVEY) Escape Route w/ accurate markings.

Your first objective is the naval mine field between Rautake and Regina. The minefield is thick and will require a path to be cleared through that is large enough for the aircraft carrier to fit. A two or four man team of drivers will be required to demolish or defuse these mines. Be wary, to the north of the minefield a submarine appears to be parked likely carrying offensive divers to guard the minefield.


(S-FVEY) Objective One - Naval Minefield

Rather than attempting to clear additional minefields you are to instead make your way through the opening which is guarded by a destroyer. The destroyer will need to be boarded and cleared of all hostile presence. Estimated crew size is between 15-20.


(S-FVEY) Destroyer One

The final obstacle in the way of our escape is a large pontoon bridge that has just been constructed by the Chinese. It has several platforms in the centre with bunkers and static weapon positions guarding the eastern direction. A portion of the bridge large enough to fit the aircraft carrier will need to be destroyed. A single demolition block is required to destroy a segment of the bridge, bring plenty of explosives.

Additionally, to the southern end of the bridge there is a heliport that has been established. To prevent chinese aircraft from assaulting the carrier group upon fleeing, you are to pre-emptively attack and destroy this helicopter port.


(S-FVEY) Pontoon Bridge & Platform

On the northern end of the bridge is an additional two destroyers, a HQ fortification and a loading dock. Both destroyers are to be boarded and cleared. The loading dock is to be destroyed along with the HQ structure.


(S-FVEY) Final two destroyers.

Your final objective and finishing point is a lone command post setup on a pontoon platform. You are to take and clear this position, debrief will be done there while the carrier group moves to that position for our final movement west.


(S-FVEY) Final objective.


Command & Signals

Group Structure



FREQ, Other

CTRG-1 – 26 men


CTRG-1 Director






Combat Element Alpha


CTRG-1 Ground Command






40, 41




40, 41

Forward Air Controller



41, 45




Team Leader








Operator (AT/GL)




Operator (DMR/MG)












Team Leader








Operator (AT/GL)




Operator (DMR/MG)















Team Leader

  41.3 41





Operator (AT/GL)




Operator (DMR/MG)








CTRG-1 Air Team


Fixed Wing Pilot VIKING 42 40, 45
Rotary Wing Pilot HANNIBAL 42 40, 45
CTRG Unassigned