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Zone-51Item #: SCP-8007

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All feasible steps must be taken to ensure that the existence and significance of the locations of SCP-8007 are kept from public knowledge. Where possible, permanent Foundation sites should be established within (or in close proximity to) instances of SCP-8007. These sites must provide adequate justification to keep Mobile Task Forces within quick response range of each instance of SCP-8007 wherever possible, to react to and deter unauthorized ingress into the anomalous zone.

Klaxons and other alarm systems must be installed throughout SCP-8007 zones in order to provide early warning to any Foundation personnel caught outside of shelter during anomalous environmental and meteorological events. On-site Kant counters may be configured to automatically activate alarm systems whenever they measure a relative change of at least █%Hm at a rate of ██dHm propagating in a wave from the centre to the extremity of the anomalous zone.

Personnel should seek shelter immediately on activation of an early warning system. Interaction with any instance of SCP-8007-A manifesting during or immediately after such events should be avoided wherever possible. Once inside adequate shelter, Foundation personnel should not exit until at least thirty minutes have passed without measuring anomalous meteorological activity.

Nearby populations must be monitored regularly to ensure they do not encroach upon known entity zones. In the case of threatened unauthorized ingress, Mobile Task Forces must be utilized to displace threat actors (by force, up to and including lethal force if necessary), and will be instructed to carry out amnesticisation of any threat suspected have known or learned any details of SCP-8007.

Any indication of social media, news print publication, or any other dissemination of information regarding SCP-8007 is to be reported immediately to the Foundation Public Relations Division, whose duty will be to suppress, spread misinformation, and otherwise contain the information by any means they deem necessary.

Description: SCP-8007 consists of numerous fixed geographical zones (forming typically circular shapes spanning between 500km² and 2,500km²) where the pressure of collective human consciousness impinges on objective reality. At least 57 such zones exist (labelled SCP-8007-1 through SCP-8007-57), although theoretically there are more yet undiscovered.

SCP-8007 zones can be reliably identified by two unique characteristics: dampened Hume counts (up to a factor of 0.███Hm when compared with the surrounding region), and a vastly increased rate of change of Hume levels (up to a factor of ██dHm in the presence of reality-bending entities). As a direct result, SCP-8007 constitutes a significant vulnerability when threatened by entities attempting to exert their willpower over it (with possible outcomes including ███████████████, EK-Class End of Human Consciousness, and PK-Class Existential Pandaemonium Event scenarios).

These zones are prone to prominent, sudden, and intense storm activity that reliably correlates in frequency and scale with significant quantities of human deaths over short periods. These storms are also heralded by somewhat-predictable changes in Hume levels propagating outwards from the centre of the zone. Events typically trigger waves of energetic particles, typically earth or sand, which scour the area and can be harmful or even lethal in some circumstances. Localized lightning strikes are also common to these events.

SCP-8007-A are humanoid entities observed manifesting on a small number of occasions during storm activity. These entities exhibit minor reality-bending capabilities, such as hovering and manifesting lightning from their hands, and typically act aggressively when approached. The entities are believed to be the recurrence of consciousness of particularly strong-willed individuals, such as trained thaumatologists or powerful reality benders.

Addendum 8007-A:

An instance of SCP-8007-A, photographed on zone 51.