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Item #: SCP-90019001.png

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9001 is to be stored in a bookshelf that is 900mm wide x 300mm deep x 1800mm high, the bookshelf is to be located in a standard 6m x 5m room. Only personnel of security clearance 2 or higher are to have direct contact with it unless testing is actively underway.

Description: SCP-9001 is a series of history related audio book cassettes that do not outwardly appear to have any anomalous properties, the cassettes primarily cover the topic of lesser known battles throughout human history. The audio series was given to the foundation by an unknown individual who refused to state what the items were capable of; the foundation was unable to track the man down after 9001 was handed in. A variety of tests were conducted on SCP-9001 when it was first given to the foundation and initially nothing of anomalous nature was uncovered. Following this the cassettes were placed in Site-███'s public library. Soon after this however, Security Officer █████ █████████ listening to SCP-9001-1 "The Continuation War" disapeared, resulting in a search for the missing officer. Three days later the officer rematerialised in the library where the cassette player had been left. He had discovered that upon playing the cassettes backwards he was transported into the event the audio book covered. Only once the event reached its climax was he brought back to where he initially disapeared. Security Officer █████ █████████ was given Class B amnestics and returned to normal duties.

SCP-9001 was reclassified as Safe and placed in containment. Initial testing determined that if any of SCP-9001's cassettes were played at -3.5x speed with any non-anomalous cassette player, anyone within 5 meters would disappear and be transported into the historical event of which the tape is covering, the cassette would then begin playing at normal speed on its own. Only once the event had been completed would the individuals transported return to the containment room. Upon further testing, it was noted that the arrival and actions of the test subjects within the cassette were read by the narrator as though they were part of the event.

To ensure accurate notes on the ongoing events are taken, researchers assigned to the research of SCP-9001 are permitted to enter the events personally as opposed to the normal procedure of using D Class Personnel for testing of this nature.

Addendum [SCP-9001A]: Initial tests were conducted using researchers who were part of the project, however following the death of Doctor Steven ███████ in SCP-9001-7 "The Punic Wars"; it was decided that exclusively D Class personnel would be used in its testing due to the risk of actual death inside of the events. Doctor Steven ███████ was unable to be retrieved and was not present upon replaying the specific event in which he died.

Incident 9001-A: On February 11th, ████ a group of four D Class personnel including Hunter ██████, Peter ███████, Jacob ████ and Porter ████████, were sent into the event to test how many individuals can be placed into the event at the same time. After entering the event each D Class was seperated from each other, shortly after regrouping the began deviating from the set of instructions given to them. At first it was not of any concern and was taken as the D Class simply forgetting their specific instructions, however the D Class began directly interacting with a company of Russian partisans involved in skirmishes against Finnish forces in the region. Hunter █████, a former high school historian, appeared to be familiar with the event and was leading an effort to modify the outcome of the event - presumably out of curiosity. Initially it was believed that effects of the this had no bearing on real life and once the specific day of the events end was reached, the D Class would be brought back out of the event.

However it was soon realised that this was not the case, March 11th 1942, the events official end, came and went and the event continued. SCP-9001-1 was observed to anomalously continue to extend the cassettes tape and the narrator continued to follow the event. 

Addendum [SCP-9001B]: While monitoring the events taking place in SCP-9001-1 it has been noted that any deviations from the original event appear to be directly modifying books covering the same event, historical texts have begun anomalously generating new pages and rewriting original text to reflect the changes caused by the interferance of the D Class. 

Addendum [SCP-9001C]: Thirty three missing persons cases have been filed in the area of SCP-9001-1's event, with several families going missing. It is suspected that the deaths of Finnish soldiers who previous survived the events is resulting in the deletion of entire families.