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Mission Briefing: 9001-1 Emergency


Mission Briefing: SCP-9001-1 Emergency

Location: Site-███

Written by █████ ██████


Please refer to SCP-9001 article to gain a basic understanding of what SCP-9001 is.

A substantial amount of testing has been taking place on SCP-9001 in recent months, the testing has mostly been uneventful until recently. Following a number of deaths while testing the anomalous behavior of SCP-9001, a number of D Class have stopped following instructions and have begun actively interfering with and taking part in the events of SCP-9001-1. Due to the dangers involved with modifying the events and its effects it has on historical records and physical locations, we have been directly tasked by the O4 council to enter the event and eliminate the problematic D Class personnel.

SCP-9001-1 takes place during the continuation war between Finland and Russia. The specific event covered is a four day battle between a company of Finnish and Nazi soldiers against an overwhelming force of Russian partisan fighters, in the actual event, the Finns overcome the Russians; killing them all in what is considered a horific massacre by most historians aware of the event. However, due to the intervention of four D Class personnel Hunter Kearny, Peter Jamison, Jacob Luke and Porter Bradbury - the Russians have not been defeated and are beating back the Finnish troops.


Ground Operations Detachment One is to enter SCP-9001-1 and eliminate Hunter Kearny, Peter Jamison, Jacob Luke and Porter Bradbury and then eliminate all Russian partisans - putting an end to the event. Detachment One is to rendezvous at Site-███ and undertake the process of activating SCP-9001-1. This will place Detachment One into the event, effectively taking them back in time.

Due to the urgency of the situation and the need for swift execution of the mission, TAU-44 will be permitted to take currently issued equipment into the event despite the possible risks if any of said equipment is left behind in the event.