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Operation: "JUMPSUIT"



Compiled by Operator Veteran "BLACKOUT" for immediate dissemination to all Tau-44 operatives.



Posted: May 7, 2024 - 1953 Hours

3 Months ago foundation intelligence intercepted chaos insurgent traffic to a flagged CSAT device aboard a Chinese vessel in the South China Sea.

Foundation intelligence identified the device signature as one close to Taviana during Operation: "Percontor" 

Since then we've positioned Iota-10 agents within the CSAT Fleet command staff associated with that vessel's deployment and utilized them to monitor wider communication traffic.

They've managed to track a considerable force headed into Laos via Vietnam. Two months have passed without any significant development in the case until an hour ago, a UNGOC aircraft disappeared over Laos airspace in the exact region where our CSAT force is currently located.

The UNGOC has informed us they have sent a QRF but due to the association with the Chaos insurgents, the 04 want to avoid the insurgents from airing any 05 secrets to the wrong people. If you make contact with the UNGOC QRF you are to avoid a confrontation as long as you can.

As we are currently the closest in the area, the 04 Council has allocated the task to us due to our proximity to the situation and our previous experience with the chaos insurgency.

Due to the sensitive nature of the issue and the timeline of these events, we will be diverting our previous flight to the Ukraine from Kenya to a civilian airport in Thailand instead, from there the Thi Government will lend us a ride across the border. 

Despite TAU-44's previous daytime engagement "Phalanx" Operatives are expected to proceed with the limited resources available.

Previous Mission: Operation: "SWIFT ILLNESS"
Relevant Operations: Operation: "Percontor", Operation: "Ice Witch"


image.pngWe will be deploying into Laos at night. Expect thick jungles with sporadic ODAs (Open Danger Areas). Expect pitch black, Rely on your weapon flashlight, chem lights, and flares to see


Objective "Cobra Kai" - Insert at LZ "Tapir" Step off to the next objective.

Objective "Thompson" - Locate the missing UNGOC plane and investigate its contents.

Objective "Hollow Pont" - Locate the UNGOC QRF team and assert Jurisdiction over further investigations or prevent them from proceeding.

Objective "Darker" - Locate and investigate the flagged CSAT device linked to the C.I. 

Objective "Apex" - Extract from the area from LZ Tapir, Bo-ho, or  Junk box.

Groups of Interest

CSAT China - Hostile, Moderate threat


Chaos Insurgency - Hostile, High threat


UNGOC - Unknown, Moderate threat


Civilians - Passive, Minimal threat


Gameplay + Kit Parameters:

There will be no change to the "Infeered" modlist and DLC except for reaction forces being required.

KIT Requirements & Limitations
You have the option to submit kits The Operation will be at night. No NVGs available. A specific flashlight will be required "[Rheinmetall] LLM - 01" As its luminosity is the sweet spot for what you can see Headlamps will not be available to use but there will be pick-ups available.

You have free range on caliber however you are limited to 150 rounds total for primary and 3 standard cap mags total for secondary.

You have an allowance for two LMG platforms for two players. All other instances are not allowed. And they have a 500-round limit. Ammo pick-ups of your specific caliber will be available in the environment so get your kits in sooner rather than later.

House Keeping
I may not be able to check over all of the kits so please don't be retarded with what you bring. I will have a dump box at infill for any items you may have forgotten about