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SCP-13095 Research Tasking


Research Task Briefing

Location: Site 619, ██████

Written by A.Jansen



At 03:00 hours, on the 23rd of January, MTF Mu-3 “Highest Bidders” supported by MTF Alpha-31 “Door Kickers” conducted a raid on a subterranean Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd auction facility. Mu-3 successfully secured thirteen undiscovered anomalous artifacts and seven stolen anomalous artifacts. All artifacts were successfully secured and returned to Site 619 for processing. A successful raid, however most of this is not relevant to us.

One of the anomalous artifacts recovered is relevant to us; however, in an effort to document and designate each unknown anomaly, research began immediately on most of the artifacts that seemed outwardly safe. One such anomaly will be our focus, designated SCP-13095.

Recovered in the 23rd of January Raid, SCP-13095 has the appearance of a gaming computer and has no outwardly anomalous properties, when powered it appears to be running a version of windows that functions as expected. The only abnormality is an application on the desktop that cannot be moved, modified or deleted. The program is named simply "Bellator provocatione".

When the program is ran it opens to a very simple main menu, no background image or music is present, just a simple list with four options "singleplayer, multiplayer, options and exit". Within single player is 5 options, 4 levels which are grayed out and cannot be selected and a tutorial option which can be selected. The same set of options are available in the multiplayer menu.

Options allow for changing of difficulty between practice and bellator. Each difficulty has a short latin sentence beneath them, practice has "nulla mors nulla gloria", Bellator has "gloria aut mors". 

When singleplayer is selected, the individual who selects the option enters into a non-responsive state and typically collapses, monitoring of vital signs show that the individual is alive and healthy with no abnormalities detected, however through the use of a mobile EEG, abnormally high brain activity can be detected. 

Upon selection of single player, the screen will display a score readout and a timer. 

The first attempt at using the computer, a senior researcher selected Bellator difficulty and entered into a single player tutorial. After 17 minutes and 37 seconds the screen displayed a mission failed message and the researcher ceased all bodily function and was declared as deceased. A second test was conducted, however this time the practice difficulty was selected and a researcher selected singleplayer. After two hours, the researcher awoke and the screen displayed "tutorial concluded, score: N/A"

The researcher described what he experienced as a "combat simulation" and that he was told within the tutorial that it is intended as a challenge for the "ultimate warrior of warriors to test their mettle and win the ultimate prize of "vita perpetua, gloria aeterna" if they can complete all challenges.

While inside, the researcher stated that everything he had on him at the time was present within and that no weapons or equipment were provided. Whatever you have you in reality, is recreated within the simulation. So far, thirty two tests have been conducted in both singleplayer and multiplayer utilizing D Class, however none have progressed further than challenge 1.


Due to TAU-44's, abilities, Detachment One has been selected to assist with researching and documenting SCP-13095 by entering the simulation and conducting the challenges. 

You will mostly be going in blind due to failed previous attempts at progression, however, using memory imaging there are some details of Challenge 1 available.