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Operation Cautela


Operation Cautela

Location: Zone 29

Written by A.Jansen



Zone 29, a noosphere interface area, is one of the many such zones not held by the foundation. Zone 29 in specific, is held by the Global Occult Coalition, of which is currently conducting research on the island. 

Society of the Atheists Partisans of Progress for the Halt of the Irrational and Religious Enemy or SAPPHIRE for short is the GOC member state responsible for the research efforts on the islands pecifically their Zetetic Investigation, Rational Cognition and Oddities Negation division of whom are investigating the island, based on our intel they are attempting to "debunk" the anomalous nature of the island - evidently unsuccessfully so far. SAPPHIRE is financing a force of mercenaries to provide security on the island from Cyngi Industries, a private military company and weapons development/research corp. 

Until recently, Zone 29 has been quiet, however at 09:00 hours this morning it has suddenly exploded into conflict. Several airships carrying Chaos Insurgency forces  landed on the islands northern airfield, capturing it within minutes. Since then CI forces have captured several GOC installations. The GOC and CI are locked in a vicious stalemate at this time and in the interest of the foundation, it is paramount that neither side retain ownership of the island.

At this time is is unknown what exactly the CI want, intel suggests they have several thaumaturge's present. Whether they are there to steal something or attempt to interface with the zone is unknown.

Mission & Execution

Our objective is to secure all valuable locations on the island and eliminate both sides command and control elements to ensure the conflict is halted. Spartan and Vandal teams are tasked with completing the following objectives:

- Eliminate Chaos Insurgency Thaumaterge's

- Eliminate Cyngi & Sapphire leaders

- Capture SAPPHIRE scientists

- Capture North and South West airfields

- Capture all 3 research facilities

You will be deploying from two seperate naval assets. Spartan will be deploying from NU-Horrowitz and Vandal will be deploying from NU-Mozart. Spartan will insert with Praetorian on the northeastern beach, move to height 239, and obliterate the CI HQ with extreme prejudice. Spartan will then boat northwest to the airstrip and see about capturing or at least neutralising the airstrip. Once those two objectives are done Spartan will then proceed south via helicopter, debarking northeast of height 744 (near Trosky CI position) and proceed to wreak havoc in a southbound direction.


Enemy Composition

Cyngi Industries

Cyngi Industries mercenaries are primarily drawn from ex-Japanese Self Defence Force Special Forces. Cyngi equips their mercenaries with exo skeletons and a "powered kinetic barrier suit", Kinetic barriers are rated to stop 20 rounds of 7.62x51 at point blank. Essentially a tight suit that has an energy shield system. Additionally, they are the manufacturer of the Hazardous EnVironment Helmet (HEV), the helmet briccky is known for wearing. As well as the Electro Magnetic Rail Gun-10, the first commercially available man portable railgun.

They are well equipped and well trained. Roughly 300 mercenaries are known to be present as well as four Cyngi Mark 4 Defender mech suits.






















Chaos Insurgency

The Chaos Insurgents present on the island. They are not the same as the ones we encountered on Taviana. They appear to have received and upgrade, its likely that CI is deploying the best they have based on what they knew they would be facing. We only knew they were CI because they said so themselves, demanding that Cyngi and SAPPHIRE surrender and leave.

Now they possess no special vehicles or scary tech, beyond their ability to cloak for 10 seconds. Standard issue rifle is the G56, no exo suits and just relatively resistant traditional body armor. The helmet is an unknown variable as its origin or make is unknown, however it can be assumed to function similarly to the smart helmets we are used to.


Other Intelligence

Intercepted communications suggests that storms of varying intensities have been occurring, mainly after direct engagements between forces. Nothing remotely as intense as our home turf, zone 51 but still dangerous notheless. Command is theorising that the reason the Chaos Insurgents identified themselves and demanded surrender, likely wanting to avoid bloodshed leading to storms.