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Operation Percontor


Operation Percontor

Location: Taviana, Baltic Sea

Written by A.Jansen



At 03:00 hours on the 30th of March, all activity on the island of Taviana ceased. The abnormality of this caught the Foundation's eye, and as such they immediately began monitoring the island. For seven days nothing was observed - however, on the eighth day, a number of KA-60 helicopters were recorded landing on the island. An undetermined number of individuals disembarked from the helicopters and seemingly proceeded inland.

What happened on the island is unknown - no distress calls were sent out prior to the sudden blackout, and no abnormal activity was observed leading up to the blackout. However, Taviana is known to have strong ties with the Russian Federation and the Foundation suspects that the island is possibly being used for the storage and testing of the recently captured SCP-███ and SCP-████ by GRU Division P - this is, however, unconfirmed. In the event that the Foundations suspicions are correct, it is imperative that they be contained immediately.
Due to the potential of an anomalous event having taken place, and an unknown group of individuals moving into the area, the O4 council has called for MTF Tau-44 to immediately deploy to the region and investigate what exactly is happening on Taviana.

Situation (AO Background)

Taviana, Baltic Sea



Capital: Sabina

Official Language(s): Lithuanian, Russian and Polish

Population: ~1.5 Million

Size: ~25km2

Taviana (Officialy: Tavianska Sovjetskaja Socialističiskaja Respublika - TSSR - The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana) is an island country situated in the Baltic Sea approximately 120km off the coast of Lithuania or Kaliningrad. It has a population of approximately 1.5 Million inhabitants of who 90% are ethnic Slavs called Rustakiâ, Russians or Poles and 10% ethnic Lithuanians. The capital and second largest city of the republic is Sabina which is located on the Southern coast of lake Umag, Sabina has a population of approximately 150 000 and has the republics main international airport.

Taviana consists of three large islands. The main island being called Novistrana, the southwestern island Karelski, the northwestern island Baltskaya and several other small islands that are dotted around the surrounding sea.

The primary economic resource of Taviana is its enormous oil reserves thanks to its extensive offshore oil desposits. Due to this resource, Russia and Taviana have maintained a strong relationship since the collapse of the Soviet union, trading weapons, technology and currency for oil.

Taviana maintains an army of 22,000 full time volunteer soldiers and an additional 650,000 possible reserves due to the country maintaining mandatory service for all males. Additionally, Russia maintains a garrison of 8500 marines from the VMF (Russian Navy) on Taviana at all times. 

Groups of Interest

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana Army (SSRTA)

GRU Division P

Mission & Execution

By request of the O4 Council, TAU-44 is to rapidly deploy to the island of Taviana and conduct a full scale investigation of the current situation on the island and determine who is currently present on the island. 

The primary objectives of this investigation are as follows:

  1. Establish the current condition of Taviana's population.
  2. Identify the unknown military forces which have inserted onto the island. If possible attempt to communicate with them.
  3. Acquire seismic and radioactivity activity records from the islands monitoring stations.
  4. Acquire any and all data relating to Tavianan/Russian military and government cooperation from government buildings and military installations.
  5. Identify any anomalous entities or activity on the island.

Tertiary Objectives include:

  1. Establish a secure location to establish a forward operating base.
  2. Apprehend any Tavianan civilian or military personnel and return them to the newly established FOB.

Detachment One will be deployed to Taviana via codename Submarine Alpha-6 'Deus Belli', a submarine provided by Nu-7 for the duration of this operation. Alpha-6 will anchored at the area indicated by the red X. Detachment One will insert onto the mainland via inflatable craft, any land vehicles will need to be found on the ground. 

Detachment One must then find a location to establish a forward operating base. Once the FOB has been established, Detachment One can then commence their investigation.




  • Rules of Engagement: Weapons Hold is to be employed until otherwise stated directly by command. Avoid direct conflict unless absolutely nessecary.

  • Prisoners of War, Enemy Prisoners of War: Any captured individuals are to be returned to a safe location for retrieval when appropriate, or moved to the forward operating base.

  • Casualty Evacuation: No external CASEVAC is available. Infield casualty treatment plans are to be established by Detachment One.


  • Resupply: Direct supply lines between Alpha-6 and the FOB will be established to ensure constant flow of required equipment to Detachment One. However, if Detachment One is unable to return to the FOB or Alpha-6, aerial resupply via UAV will be available - be aware that drones are only capable of carrying small amounts of equipment meaning complete restocking of equipment in the field is impossible.

  • Fire Support: Alpha-6 is armed with 4x Cruise missiles. They will be available for usage at any point during the operation. Use them wisely.

  • Reinsertion: By foot or by vehicle. No alternate transportation methods will be provided.

  • Loadout Considerations: 

    Average clear sightlines are ~600m.

    Absolute maximum sight lines are upwards of ~8km. Usage of overwatch teams with medium to heavy weapons could be considered. 

    Average travel time between settlements is ~10 minutes on foot.

    Terrain is primarily alpine tundra with a mixture of light and dark greens sprinkled with snow. 

    (FOR COMMANDER: Arsenal changes may be requested, changes of available camo patterns and other items are acceptable.)

    All loadouts will need to be built, approved and sent to the zeus a minimum of 4 hours prior to the operation. Failure to send loadouts prior to 2pm Sunday will result in the individual being given a generic loadout with only the bare nessecities. 

  • Training Considerations:

    Naval/boat training.
    Fortification tool training (qualification?)
    Weapons Specialists & TLs complete WST prior to commencement of operation.

  • Gameplay Considerations:

    Each player will have THREE personal tickets per operation. Allowing each player to die twice without consequence - upon the third death, they will be moved to spectator for the remaining duration of the Operation.

    If an operation begins away from the FOB as a result of failure to return to the FOB, players will spawn with a persistent version of the loadout and will not be offered a resupply or be able to request a loadout change after the operation. Players will also be restricted to ZERO tickets until returning to the FOB.

    Usage of the ingame text chat will result in a kick from the server without warning (unless you count this one). If you have an emergency that requires the assistance of the zeus, PLEASE CONTACT THE ZEUS DIRECTLY VIA DISCORD PM.