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Operation Peregrine, Part 1


Operation Peregrine, Part 1

Location: Elaine County, Arkansas, United States of America

Written by Whitestrake, A.Jansen



Foundation intelligence has been investigating a potential Sarkic cult taking root in our backyard. Thanks to a phone tap carried out for us by our friends in Iota-10, the number one suspect behind our newest secret cult is a local mid-level politician, ████ ██████. If it turns out that our suspect is, in fact, a Neo-Sarkite, we want proof so we can arrange to have him taken out and get this cult dispersed. Nobody wants a Lovecraftian flesh-cult operating in suburban America for any longer than we have to.

Iota-10 gave us a few leads on where we might be able to find the evidence we're looking for. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" will deploy in plain clothes to shake down a few unsavory individuals and carry out some light breaking-and-entering. Once you all can nail this guy to the wall, we can call in Xi-8 to politely evict Sarkicism... again... from American soil.

Groups of Interest

The Sarkic Cults


Task 1

Team-1 and Team-2 are to track down two individuals who are suspected members of the local cult and interrogating them about the cult, its leadership and any potential locations being utilised by the cult.

Target One

Target One is Dayton Hall. A former police officer turned criminal who is now associated with the Elaine County Cult. Dayton was ejected from the police force after being found guilty on charges of corruption in connection with a ring of local politicians who were found to be actively running a drug and weapons trafficking scheme, supplying cartels in Mexico through Louisiana and Texas. All police officers involved in the cover up and politicians involved in the scheme were given relatively insignificant jail sentences.

Dayton is suspected of using his existing connections within the police force and local government to smuggle drugs and other elicit goods into Elaine County. Iota-10 notified us of an ongoing investigation into Dayton. It is suspected that he is utilising the income from this operation to help fund the Elaine County cult. 

Dayton is known to be tight lipped and aggressive. He may prove difficult to apprehend.

Attempt to question him about cult members/leadership, locations and about the cult itself. Enhanced interrogation methods may be required to coax any answers out of him.

Target Two

Target Two is Corey Johnson. A known fixer, Corey has a well established reputation in Elain County for organising deals between local gangs and securing hard to obtain items for anyone who is willing to pay his asking price. 

Corey is suspected of smuggling firearms and explosives in Arkansas and neighbouring states, as well as selling and distributing firearms to various individuals and gangs. Iota-10 notified us of an ongoing investigation into Corey. Corey is not believed to be directly associated with the Elaine County cult but he has been seen dealing with Dayton Hall on numerous occasions.

Corey is known to be a man of few words and is quite slippery. Apprehension may prove challenging. 

Attempt to question him about any recent weapons deals with the cult, as well as any locations he may be aware of. If he refuses to answer any questions attempt to use his brother, Toby Johnson as leverage. He is currently held at the Elain County maximum security prison, use this information as you wish.



  • Rules of Engagement: Do not fire unless fired upon while within city limits. Outside of city limits you are only to fire if you are in immediate danger.

  • Prisoners of War, Enemy Prisoners of War:  Any individuals who surrender are to be apprehended and returned to the safehouse.

    Any wounded are to be left behind for local EMS, they will then be apprehended by local law enforcement, organised via Iota-10.

  • Casualty Evacuation: Any casualties are to be evacuated by car to the safehouse, any dead are to be bagged and returned to the safehouse. No evidence is to be left behind pointing to our presence which could lead to identification.


  • Resupply: N/A

  • Fire Support:
    • N/A
  • Reinsertion:
    • There is none. This will be a one life event.
  • Loadout Considerations:
    • Plain civilian clothes, no helmets, no external body armor or carrier rigs.
    • Handguns only. 
    • Flashbangs are permitted.
    • Cableties reccomended.
    • No explosives.
  • Training Considerations: N/A
  • Gameplay Considerations:
    • There will be at team of 4-8 MTF Epsilon-6 Operatives.
    • There will be room for 2 roleplayers.