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Situation Update: Percontor


Operation Percontor

Compiled by Whitestrake for dissemination to all Tau-44 operatives Level 3 Clearance and above


The current state of OPFOR and ROE

As of Sunday 20 June, there are five known factions operating in the campaign area.

Chaos Insurgency (CI, a.k.a. "red eyes") - SHOOT ON SIGHT

  • CI is the primary threat actor in the sphere of operations. CI fields elite operators equipped with modern upper-tier body armour and weaponry, and are familiar with MTF procedures and doctrine. CI have demonstrated extreme ruthlessness and have been observed in conflict with almost all other factions in the campaign area.
  • CI are known to use teleportation, indicated by an extremely visible beam of light (described as a "rapture" effect) to move personnel and materiel. It's currently suspected that this costs them significant resources, as they appear to be capable of teleporting anyone or anything (including MTF personnel), but have refrained from doing so outside of one single event. So far they have demonstrated the capability to teleport light armoured vehicles, personnel, and explosive payloads - the latter being used offensively to corral retreating MTF in one instance and destroy buildings in other instances. All operators should be prepared to deal with any threat emerging from a teleport site.
  • The spectrum device has proven capable of detecting frequency spikes at CI teleportation sites.

Other hostile factions - ENGAGE WHEN NECESSARY

  • The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana Army (SSRTA) is a coordinated but poorly equipped conventional volunteer/career military force, mostly scattered and without strategic leadership since the originating incident. Utilising decades-old Russian surplus military equipment and uniforms, easily identifiable by their steel helmets, SSRTA have been encountered thus far in isolated pockets of organised (usually fortified) resistance, and have been the main source of armoured opposition outside of CI.
  • See entry: The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana Army (SSRTA)
  • Conscripts/Ex-army (bandits) are not a single coordinated faction as far as we know, rather loose collections of civilian militia, non-uniformed and armed with either hunting or surplus military issue rifles. All local military aged males are expected to have served in the army as conscripts, and pose a threat in large numbers or as isolated guerilla fighters.

Non-hostile factions - DO NOT FIRE UNLESS FIRED UPON

  • GRU Division "P" is Russia's official anomaly containment specialist division. "Officially" disbanded in 1991 along with the Soviet Union, but operating openly ever since Lifted Veil, Div P are highly trained, well equipped operators. Tau-44 nearly established positive contact with their commander, but were prevented due to intervention by CI.
  • Initial contact with this faction was hostile. Later on they claimed this was due to mistaking Tau-44 for Chaos Insurgency, possibly on account of our gas masks and similar equipment standards.
  • See entry: GRU Division "P"
  • Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) are known to have extended some air superiority over the campaign area and have conducted bombing runs in some locales. Some minor communication was established via liaison with Div P operators but Tau-44 have no positive contact with the VDV at this time. They are believed to have established a base of operations in the north, at Yaroslav, near where Tau-44's initial FOB was constructed.

While our relations with the Russians are currently non-hostile, intelligence retrieved thus far indicates that GRU Div-P, along with the locally-stationed Russian VMF and the Taviana government, compiled the anomalous materials and/or entities that have resulted in the unfolding Taviana situation. This should be kept in mind in all dealings with Russian forces.

In all other cases, ROE remains UNIVERSAL across the board until further notice. (See: Universal ROE)


Strategic overview and current priorities

Tau-44's objective in the campaign area is to investigate and determine the nature of the anomalous threat, as well as Taviana's population, and compile a comprehensive understanding of how and why this situation unfolded.

Due to Chaos Insurgency's likely causal involvement in the situation, Tau-44's primary method to achieve our objective is to aggressively pursue CI, drawing conclusions as best as possible as to their objectives in order to deny them wherever possible. Whatever CI want, we will cut them off.

Our best information indicates that CI's focus is on Sectors C and D. Tau-44 has made great progress on locating and securing access to Sector C beneath the city of Sabina and a possible entrance to Sector D has been located beneath Lake Bled.

  • The current logistics priority is getting FOB3 - the police station along the Olga River, northwest of Zagorye - up to full operating capacity, and deploying Nu-7 "Hammer Down" forces to support Tau-44 at that position.
  • The current offensive priority is to prosecute intelligence on the possible CI encampment at Chernovar.
  • The current investigative priority is Sector C, followed by Sector D.


Known threats

Chemical and radiological threats in the upper survivable ranges have been encountered and dealt with at multiple sites across Taviana. CBRNA gear has been made available for instances where Tau-44 must operate within threat zones.

Several uncontained anomalous threats have also been encountered, notably:

  • At night, hostile humanoid entities (colloquially referred to as "shadow men" and "deer heads") have attacked Tau-44 operatives; small arms fire has proven effective against these threats.
  • Crawling zombie-like humanoids - assumed to be humans afflicted with the aforementioned chemical threat - tend to crowd around threat zones, specifically Sectors A and B thus far; small arms fire also suffices to dispatch these threats.
  • All forms of synthetic light appear to inflict lethal burns on subjects within the campaign area; avoid use of synthetic lights at all costs, in favour of passive light amplification or chemical/natural light sources (chemlights, fires).
  • Anomalous gravitational zones have been encountered, observable by light refraction through the affected areas. These zones appear to be mobile and due care should be taken to avoid them.