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Thursday Night Mission: Asset Retrieval


Asset Retrieval

Location: Altis, Mediterranean Sea

Written by A.Jansen



On the 3rd of April, Site ██ was attacked by local Altis Armed Forces. All site staff were killed and artifacts relating to SCP-████, the sites sole SCP, were stolen. Until two days ago, the artifacts had seemingly disapeared despite the foundations best attempts to relocate them. However that has since changed, O4 has caught wind of a deal going down between an unknown buyer and a local AAF Colonel by the name of Nikolaos Doukas. 

Likely due to the attack on the site being unsanctioned by his higher ups, it appears that Colonel Doukas has employed a local black market dealer to conduct the sale of the artifacts. Based on the information gathered by a local MTF Operative K, it appears that the dealer will meet with the buyer in a secluded location at which point they will make their way to the artifacts location.

Colonel Doukas always wears a blue Ushanka hat. The appearance of the Black Market dealer is unknown, the appearance of the buyer is unknown.

Mission & Execution

Hoplite 1 is tasked with the assassination of Colonel Doukas, the black market dealer and the buyer - as well as the retrieval of the artifacts. Hoplite 1 will be split into 3 teams, two sniper teams callsigned Striker 1 and Striker 2 and a ground team which will retain the Hoplite 1 callsign. 

Striker 1 will be tasked with the location and elimination of Colonel Doukas, Striker 2 will be tasked with the elimination of the Blackmarket Dealer and the buyer. Striker 2 must first locate the whereabouts of the artifacts first however, as such Striker 2 will be required to overwatch the deal and trail the dealer and buyer to the artifacts location, eliminate them both from a range and then notify Hoplite 1 of the location.

Hoplite 1 will be tasked with the extraction of MTF Operative K which Striker 1 and 2 conduct their tasking. Once completed, Striker 2 will transmit the location of the artifacts, at which point Hoplite 1 is to move in and retrieve the artifacts.