Advanced Medical (Combat Medic)


Combat Medics need to be confident with Advanced Medical treatment - able to assess casualties within a reasonable timeframe, determine what treatment will be required, and how long that treatment is likely to take. Combat Medics should also be able to handle mass casualty situations and know how to triage and prioritize in order to maximize lives saved and section combat effectiveness. This document is here to outline the test criteria and explain advanced medical tactics and item functions.

Before taking these tests, a prospective Combat Medic should be intimately familiar with the contents of the Medical Treatment SOP.

Test 1 - one heavily wounded casualty

Qualification criteria:

  • Determine what to start treating (~10 seconds)
  • Accurately follow Advanced Medical SOP
  • Estimate time until the casualty is green (ballpark, to within 1 minute)

Test 2 - twelve randomly wounded casualties (one leader)

Qualification criteria:

  • Triage casualties and determine the order of treatment (~120 seconds)
  • Prioritize getting leader conscious (leader must survive) 
  • Estimate time until all casualties are green (ballpark, to within 3 minutes)
  • Save at least eight of the twelve casualties