Equipment Rules & Standards

This document outlines the current standard for equipment usage. Below is a chart showing the unit's available roles opposite a list of types of equipment (specifically, weaponry and medical gear) that are restricted to those roles.


  • Y - Yes, it is allowed.
  • N - No, is is not allowed.
  • M - Mission Specific.


  • Some missions may call for the use of sub machine guns and shotguns however they are few and far between.
  • Combat Medics may use grenade launchers to mark their position for air assets or friendlies.
  • Marksmen can lay out 7.62 battle rifles or 5.56 assault rifles with a bipod and magnified scope and utilise them as a DMR however in most cases these weapons will not be as accurate or effective as weapons designed for the role.
  • Machinegunners are allowed to take 5.56 rifles capable of taking 100 round magazines and use them as light support weapons. However this is mission specific.
  • All roles except Marksman, Team Leader and Recon are not allowed to take optics higher than 6x Magnification. The only 6x optic available is the TA648 ACOG. Machinegunners may take higher magnification with the approval of their team leader. Some variable zoom optics such as the Nightforce ATACR are cleared for usage by all roles.
  • Operators are not allowed to take magazines with a capacity higher than 60 rounds.
  • Machinegunners are allowed to take 7.62. However machinegunners must get permission from their team leader to use calibers above 7.62x51.
  • FTL's are not permitted to carry a Surgical Kit.