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TEWT 1 - Sakhe Contact

TEWT 1 - Sakhe Contact



You are the Section Commander of Alpha Section (A standard section, standard equipment) in a platoon. The platoon is tasked with conducting a dismounted patrol through an area primarily as a show of force, but the ROE dictates you are permitted to engage on sight and are to pursue targets. You have ISR coverage.

Your section is currently located at the SW of Sakhe. Charlie and platcom are at a small partner forces base in Jilavur to your NW, and bravo is searching through a valley to your east.

Your section comes under fire from what seems to be an MG to the SW on the outskirts of town, approximately 700m away. Historically, engagements have been with no more than 10-15 hostiles.

You call it in to your platcom. He tasks you with moving to and engaging the enemy, whilst Bravo moves to secure the Sar-e Sang Pass to block potential reinforcements, civilians, or vehicles from entering/leaving the area.  Charlie and platcom begin moving towards your position via the road, but for this exercise they are out of the equation.

You hear another MG open fire from the same area, and get word from platcom that ISR reports seeing 3-4 heat signatures moving around the town, before having to RTB.

Support assets are not available.

Civ pop is irrelevant, enemy occupied buildings are cleared hot.

You have 5 minutes to individually construct a plan of attack. You may ask questions during this time. Hunt IR is not available.