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TEWT 2 - Take and Hold Shamali

TEWT 2 - Take and Hold Shamali


You are the Section Commander of Alpha Section (A standard section, standard equipment) in a platoon. The platoon is tasked with taking and holding the town of Shamali for the purpose of allowing a Transport Battalion, travelling through RP1 to RP3, access to the northern parts of the region.

The platcom has identified a likely enemy position on spot height 2087 East of the town, and has tasked you from your step off point of RP1 to take and hold that position. Following, you will be providing 360 security and overwatch on the town itself from that position. Simultaneously,  Bravo will be moving to the Western Hill whilst Charlie and platcom will be moving to secure the town. Bravo is the main support asset for Charlie and platcom, as such Alpha is not expected to assist with the capture of the town. 

Platcom has advised you he expects you'll encounter resistance of around 4, but terrain analysis of the area shows multiple dugouts that could hold around 8. The position has been used to ambush convoys in the past travelling through Shamali. Bravo has no information on the likely enemy they'll encounter. The town is expected to hold anywhere from 10-14 enemy combatants, often dependent on how many are up on the Eastern Hill. 

Upon successfully taking the position, you will be required to provide your own 360 security, Overwatch of the town, and full observation and engagement capabilities from RP2 to RP3. Anything South or North of this is not your tasking. 

Support assets are not available.

IED's are not your concern. 

Civ pop is irrelevant, enemy occupied buildings are cleared hot.

You have 5 minutes to individually construct a plan of attack to take the objective. You must also provide a defensive layout of your section including where you would place each member and why you would place them there. You may ask questions during this time, do not assume anything. Hunt IR is not available.