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Experimental Weaponry

SynTech PERWS Program

SynTech is a Canadian company founded in 2019 as part of a government program to expand its domestic weapons development capabilities and to establish dedicated research of weapons technology. SynTechs first and only weapons program is the Portable Extended Range Weapon System program. The purpose of this program was to extend the range and lethality of a rifle platoon similar to the American NGSW program. However, early on in the program a decision was made to look into greande and rocket technology rather than ballistic small arms. The program has resulted in two weapon systems so far, one of which is ready for testing dubbed the D(irect)F(ire)G(renade)S(ystem)-65MM/DFGS-65. Designed with a similar goal in mind to the XM25 but rather than using finicky and complex sighting systems and lasers to hit targets, it relies on the propulsion of the grenade allowing for direct fire point aiming at targets requiring very little zeroing/adjustment as well as packing a powerful enough payload that even if the impact of the grenade is not dead on it will still have a significant enough danger zone to still be effective.

As of yet the DFGS-65 has not been tested outside of internal SynTech tests. However there are rumors of the weapon system being sent out to numerous Commonwealth special forces units currently on combat deployments.