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Lone Star Armory TX-277

The Lone Star TX-277 is a select-fire assault rifle designed and manufactured by the request of the Commonwealth Joint Task Force Weapons Development Group. The TX-277 is based off of the TX-15 series of rifles manufactured by Lone Star armories however it features a heavily reinforced barrel, chamber and receiver to compensate for the enormously increased powder charge and chamber pressure produced by the .277 Lonestar Magnum round the rifle is designed to fire. The rifle uses a gas piston system similar to that of the HK416 family of rifles and features an extremely low rate of fire which is artificially lowered through a proprietary delaying system to help make fully automatic fire more controllable due to the already over the top recoil produced by the TX-277 rifle.

As of yet the TX-277 and its proprietary .277 Lonestar Magnum round is unknown to the public and is yet to be released or used beyond the confines of CJTF.

The TX-277 features two variants; the original TX-277 DMR and the TX-277 Patrol which was developed after the DMR variant. The DMR is highly accurised and designed for long distance marksmanship, it allows a CJTF detachment to stretch out to distances exceeding 1km with a ergonomic select fire package that can deliver a deadly projectile accurately.

After the success of the DMR, CJTF Weapons Development requested a Patrol Rifle/Carbine sized variant of the TX-277 that allows the operator to still stretch their legs accurately out to 800m but also to be on the ground kicking in doors and clearing buildings. However due to the extreme recoil and slow rate of fire the TX-277 Patrol has not been met with great success.