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Operation Perambulate


Operation Perambulate

Location: Washington, U.S.A.

Written by A.Jansen



Foundation Intelligence has intercepted reports from a detachment of American Provincial Government (APG) troops, indicating the existence of an anomaly that allegedly creates portals back in time. The APG troops stumbled into this discovery while sheltering with a lawless holdout group, the "New Confederacy" (NC), in far west America (Washington State).

The APG troops were sheltering with the NC after being attacked by another regional faction, the "Ascended", observed to have decayed faces and glowing red eyes. The reports indicate that before the APG troops discovered the time-portal anomaly and were wiped out by the NC, the NC shared information that the Ascended were Still Water victims who kept their minds and intelligence.

Foundation Intelligence has raised question marks regarding two important details: Firstly, that the Foundation is unaware of any uncontained time-travel or portal-generating anomalies, which means the one referred to in the APG detachment's reports is currently undocumented. Secondly, the Foundation has yet to observe any instance of Still Water victims having retained cognitive function.

MTF Tau-44 "Phalanx" will deploy to take control the situation and secure access to the undocumented anomaly and anomalous faction of Still Water victims, though this directive will remain TOP SECRET. Publicly, the Foundation has offered to send in a team to attempt to negotiate with the rogue New Confederacy, or eliminate them by force if necessary.


Back in early September, a detachment of American Provincial Government (APG) forces made contact with a holdout survivor group in Washington State, calling themselves the "New Confederacy" (NC). The APG detachment had arrived there on the 3rd, directed to investigate the origins of propaganda radio broadcasts coming from the region, conduct general reconnaissance, and report back.

First contact was not hostile, but soon after, APG forces noted NC scouts observing their movements and their camps at night. APG was already on edge when they eventually came under a coordinated attack at 2021-09-09 2300h, just six days after entering the region. APG initially mistook the opposing force as NC, but revised that assessment when they noted the attackers appeared to be decaying and had glowing bright red eyes.

Foundation agents intercepted these reports from the APG detachment before they could reach command, and the intel was not forwarded, in favour of preventing a panicked reaction from the APG.

The 20-strong APG detachment repelled the attack but sustained 14 casualties (11 deaths). The remaining soldiers requested shelter with the NC, who took them in and gave them information regarding "the Ascended", the red-eyed cult faction that attacked them. APG soldiers learned that the Ascended had been exposed to Still Water but retained cognitive function, and that NC had been in conflict with them for some time - having recently started broadcasting propaganda to try to recruit new blood to help with the fight.

After three days of radio silence, on 2021-09-13, Foundation agents intercepted another flurry of transmissions speaking of a 'portal back in time', reporting the deaths of all APG troops except the detachment leader, and that the NC had killed them. The Foundation doctored the transmissions to exclude references to the anomalous portal and then forwarded the reports to the APG - before publicly offering to send a team to negotiate with, or eliminate, the NC.

Terrain and Weather Considerations

Washington State consists of wildly varied terrain, with everything from dense cities/towns, alpine forests, mountains and flat open plains. Or sometimes all four in one spot. Sight lines vary anywhere from hundreds of meters to thousands of meters. 

This time of year Washington is extremely wet, raining almost every other day with the occasional cloud day sprinkled inbetween. The current forecast for your arrival is sunny and good weather but it is not expected to last.




Groups of Interest

Holdout Groups


Primary Objectives
  1. Secure access to the undocumented portal anomaly and begin initial investigative efforts.
    - Establish contact with NC and attempt to gain peaceful access.
    - Otherwise, carry out termination all NC forces with extreme prejudice.
    - Commence expeditions into the anomaly to document its extent and any potential hazards.
    - In the event of anomalous hazards, inform Command and await appropriate reinforcement.
  2. Investigate the faction of Still Water victims (the Ascended).
    - Establish contact and attempt peaceful exchange of information.
    - Otherwise, carry out termination of all Ascended with extreme prejudice, and gather samples for study.
  3. Identify, reconnoitre, and clear the local darkzone.
    - Gather samples of water sources within the darkzone for study.
    - Destroy all occupants and any structures bearing signs of infection within the zone.
    - Incendiary weapons may be required - request a supply drop prior to executing this objective if necessary.

Darkzones are ex-population centers that were hit the hardest and abandoned during the American Collapse. Having been ignored or simply glossed over by the Foundation- and GOC-aligned forces, darkzones remain heavily infested by Still Water zombies. Holdout Groups frequently risk looting these areas, as many valuable resources have been left behind, typically in pristine condition.

Secondary Objectives
  1. Reconnoitre and compile comprehensive intelligence on all New Confederacy and Ascended presences within the operating area.
  2. Identify and destroy any radio infrastructure used to broadcast pirate New Confederacy propaganda.
  3. Report on any APG forces located within the operating area (KIA or otherwise).
  4. Identify any other undocumented Holdout Groups within the operating area.
  5. Ensure that no party learns Tau-44's primary objectives.

Phase 1 Execution

Due to the remoteness of Washington in relation to the American frontier line, the only efficient form of transport in and out of Washington at this time is aircraft. However - due to the distance and lack of intact airfields inbetween our deployment point and the AO, we are forced to reduce equipment load to ensure the aircraft we have available is light enough to make the full trip. Refer to Admin/Logistics for further info.

As a result, Detachment One will be deploying via static line drop in the southeastern-most region of the state, at DROPZONE CARBON. Additional vehicles and supplies will be dropped at DROPZONE NITROGEN, to the immediate north of DROPZONE CARBON.

Detachment One should then proceed to scout, secure, and establish a primary Forward Operating Base.

107410_20211110215658_1.pngAerial view of DZ Carbon

Change In Orders

Primary Objectives

Due to the rapidly changing situation in Washington, as well as several unforseen factors and factions becoming known since initial deployment, O4 command has issued a change in orders. O4 has requested that these orders be conducted in descending order.

  1. Negotiate the surrender and handover of the northern airfield in Washington.
    - Escort APG team to the airfield and provide security while negotiations take place.
    - Help with the takeover of the airfield.
  2. Destroy Ascended forces in the region.
    - Conduct coordinated raids against Ascended supply lines and bases.
    - Identify and eliminate Ascended leadership.
    - Terminate any and all Ascended with extreme prejudice.
  3. Identify, reconnoitre, and destroy darkzones.
    - Scorched earth missions are to be conducted on all darkzones. Flatten all structures where feasible and ensure the destruction of all still water victims. See also: fire support updates.
  4. Secure access to the undocumented portal anomaly and begin initial investigative efforts.
    - Conduct reconnaissance of Gate.
    - Establish contact with the fortress located at Gate.
    - Attempt to gain access through negotiation or stealth, otherwise a siege may be necessary.
    - Commence expeditions into the anomaly to document its extent and any potential hazards.
    - In the event of anomalous hazards, inform Command and await appropriate reinforcement.
Secondary Objectives
  1. Reconnoitre and compile comprehensive intelligence on all New Confederacy and Ascended presences within the operating area.
  2. Report on any APG forces located within the operating area (KIA or otherwise).
  3. Identify any other undocumented Holdout Groups within the operating area.
  4. Ensure that no party learns Tau-44's primary objectives.
Change in ROE

  • Rules of Engagement:
    • WEAPONS FREE - fire at any target that is not possitively identified as friendly.
      • NEW CONFEDERACY - Friendly.
      • ASCENDED - Prosecute any hostile forces and ensure there are no survivors. Shoot on sight.
      • UNITED SECURITY (USEC) - Avoid where possible, engage when nessecary.


  • Rules of Engagement:
    • WEAPONS TIGHT - do not fire without identifying the target to a superior officer and seeking permission to engage. Do not initiate hostile contact with any faction unless advised otherwise by TOC.
      • NEW CONFEDERACY - if engaged, stand and defend, but do not pursue retreating forces.
      • ASCENDED - if engaged, prosecute any hostile forces and ensure there are no survivors.
  • Prisoners of War, Enemy Prisoners of War:
    • Any POW/EPWs are to be moved to a secure location for eventual extraction.
  • Resupply: By airdrop, once every two weeks.

  • Fire Support:
    • CAS UAV
      • Must be requested prior to an operation in order for it to be positioned in time for deployment.
      • 4-hour uptime, with a 10-day delay for retrieval and rearmament after each mission.

  • Reinsertion: By airdrop.
  • Loadout Considerations:
    • Due to the remoteness of the AO Detachment 1 will be deploying via 2 cargo planes. Due to the lack of functional airfield between our deployment point and the AO there is a weight limit for the detachment to ensure that the birds have enough fuel for there and back.
    • All operative equipment for Detachment One should not exceed 650 kilograms. That allows for 25kg x 26 People roughly. This will be loaded on the first plane.
    • The second plane is free to carry cargo of any kind and has a total cargo weight of 6500kg.  This plane will arrive a week after the first plane.
    • The following assets can be loaded into the second aircraft:
      • Transport
        • Polaris DAGOR (Armed w/XM312 + Ammunition)- 1800kg Each (5 Seats)
        • Land Rover 110 - 2100kg Each (8 Seats)
        • Unarmored Humvee (Armed w/M2 + Ammunition) - 2500kg Each (5 Seats)
        • M1165A1 Uparmored Transport Humvee - 2800kg Each (6 Seats)
        • Uparmored Humvee (Armed w/M2 + Ammunition) - 3200kg Each (5 Seats)
        • M1030 Motorbike - 175kg Each (2 Seats)
        • Quadbike - 400kg Each (2 Seats)
      • Drones
        • UGV Stomper (Armed + Ammunition) - 4200kg Each
        • AR-2 Darter - 5kg Each
        • AL-6 Cargo Drone - 8kg Each
        • MAARS Drone (M240 + Ammunition) - 250kg Each
      • Cargo containers
        • 2x 250kg Capacity Containers
  • Training Considerations: N/A

  • Gameplay Considerations:
    • The entire operation will be persistent. Equipment resupplies will take place once every 2 weeks. Scavenging and collecting spare equipment is encouraged.
    • Food and hunger will be an element of this campaign. This will also be persistent, it will however be configured in such a way that it will not be a frequently annoying issue.
    • Usage of the ingame text chat will result in a kick from the server without warning (unless you count this one). If you have an emergency that requires the assistance of the Zeus, PLEASE CONTACT THE ZEUS DIRECTLY VIA DISCORD OR STEAM.