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Archangel Dynamics

Archangel Dynamics


"A Tailored Solution to Any Problem"

Status Active
  • Aaron Davis (“Percival”)
  • 4,000 Employees (Factory Workers, Engineers and Administration Staff)

Archangel Dynamics is a military technology research and development corporation that officially produces various products for the private sector, including the Caliburn Security Services Company (CSSC), and occasionally collaborates with the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (C-SAT). Unofficial reports suggest that they trade off the radar exclusively for other technologies, although these reports are unconfirmed.

The company is led by CEO Aaron Davis, an alias that has been confirmed to belong to PERCIVAL of the Round Table.

Archangel Dynamics' areas of focus include the development of vehicle platforms, body armor, and infantry fighting weapons. Some of their notable projects include the Incapacitated Aircraft Operator Autopilot, Reactive Tank Plating, and SMART Cluster Ordnance and Munitions.

Recent successes have allowed Archangel Dynamics to acquire multiple R&D departments unrelated to military and weapons development. These acquisitions include a plant and food genetics lab, a Japanese motor company, Space Z Astrophysics, and a think tank dedicated to mobile communications. It is unknown what Archangel Dynamics intends to do with these acquisitions. However, Foundation agents have observed that approximately 50-60% of staff resigned from their positions after being bought out and declined to provide any information about their circumstances.

Known Notable Inventions


.490 Archangel Magnum - A high velocity, super heavy, cartridge which utilises cutting edge propellent paired with a super dense material for the projectile. Pushing a roughly 1850 grain projectile at 700 meters per second, in a case and projectile with the overall size roughly equivalent to .30-06, allowing for relatively high capacity weapons despite the power potential of the cartridge.

Infantry Weapons

KU-3K & KU-5K - Heavy Infantry Weapon Systems (HIWS). The KU3K, a fixed barrel 'assault' rifle and the KU5K, a rotary barrel machinegun, are heavy weapon systems chambered in .490 AM.

XAR-14 Pulse Rifle - A light infantry energy weapon, designed to fire energetic 6.8mm Cartridges. The inner workings of the cartridge itself is unknown, specifically how it manages to entirely defy the laws of gravity despite the low velocity of the projectile.


X-66 Mammoth Tank - A super heavy, nigh indestructable dual barreled tank, featuring wire guided, rapid fire missile systems and a high rate of fire 12.7x99 coaxal machinegun. Notably this tank was featured in the video game Command & Conquer. The foundation believes that SCP-14866 was used to materialise the vehicle into our reality from the game, which was then likely reversed engineered and improved.