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Templar Leadership - Codename LANCELOT



Name: Edwin Croft A.K.A. “LANCELOT”               Age: 103, Possibly Deceased.

Race: Caucasian                                                Eye: Blue Bionic

Date of birth: 03/01/1918                                Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Herefordshire, England             Hair: Black

Nationality: British                                            Height: 6' 0

Complexion: Old (Early 90's)  Synthetic             Weight: Unknown

Build: Frail Athletic                                            


Relevant History and Information:

Edwin Croft is a decorated former British Officer, with experience commanding troops in World War Two, the Greek Civil War, the Malayan Emergency, the Irish Troubles and the Falklands war before finally retiring from the British Army at the age of 64 as a victoria cross recipient amongst other decorations. Not long after his retirement, Croft co-founded a private military company with his long time friend Simon Mann in 1993. Additionally he assisted with the recruitment and operational planning of another private military company founded by Simon Mann by the name of Sandline International.

Throughout the mid 90's, Croft took part in numerous operational deployments by both Executive Outcomes and Sandline throughout the Middle East and Central Africa until finally in 2004 Sandline International went defunct, similarly to Executive Outcomes which had also gone under in 1998. Fed up with the pitfalls of Mann's attempts at running private military companies, Croft founded his own PMC; vowing not to make the same mistakes his former colleagues had. 

Croft founded Taipan Security in 2005 however the name was soon changed to Caliburn Security Services in 2007 at which point intelligence suggests that he had likely been invited to the round table of the Knights Templar as a military advisor, in this position he had done nothing more than provide occasional advice to the leadership of the Global Occult Coalition, of which the Knights Templars were a member of at the time. 

Due to the obvious difference in goals between the UNGOC and the Foundation, surveilance of GOC member groups was intense. Monitoring each individual within the groups as best as possible. 

Around 2008, Croft was reaching the age of 90 and was becoming too frail to continue his service to the Templars and was in talks of selling Caliburn Security Services. Come December 2008, surveilance of Croft was paused due to his sudden dissapearance only for someone bearing his name to reappear in June of 2009. 

<Images of “LANCELOT” provided by GOC Informant, see addendum 1 to 2>

Addendum 1: Edwin Croft in Africa, 2002.

Addendum 2:
"Edwin Croft" A.K.A. Lancelot in Estonia, Decemeber 2020. Audio recordings from our GOC informant confirm that despite the altered appearance, Lancelot still sounds the same. Nothing is known about how Lancelot came to look like this or if it is even truly Croft anymore.