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Operation Hellfire


Operation Hellfire

Location: Zargabad Region, Afghanistan

Written by A.Jansen



Dr. Edward Virgil, a high level weapons technology researcher, has escaped the foundation with information regarding our newly minted LOSP program amongst other things. He is planning on selling this information to a buyer, who we suspect is likely linked to the Chaos Insurgency. Virgil appears to have been planning this escape from some time, having established several safehouses in Afghanistan as well as hiring local forces and mercenaries to guard them. 

Intelligence suggests that as a backup plan, Virgil has paid off the local governer for protection. Rendering the entire AO hostile.

Mission & Execution

You are tasked with the elimination of Dr. Virgil and the chaos insurgent buyer. Additionally, you are to destroy all backups of the intelligence he had - you will need to extract information regarding the locations of any backups from Virgil before killing him.

The exact location of Dr. Virgil is currently unknown, four safehouses have been identified. You are to strike all four until Virgil is located.

You will need three distinct teams. Two raid teams to hit target structures, each raid team will have an airframe assigned to them. These teams are to pack light with submachine guns and short barrel rifles. Light armor, opscore helmets etc. High speed low drag, in and out.

The third team will be two men, a sniper/spotter team. They will be tasked with the elimination of the buyer and all awaiting guards while the raid teams conduct their missions. An anti-materiel rifle of some kind would be preferable, as well as ghillie suits.

Four target locations have been established:





Enemy Composition

Palisade Military Services

Palisade Military Services are a Swiss private military company, very little combat experience but a big budget and plenty of training.


Yallah habibi, that was a massive dub. Imagine the taliban without the might of the US leaning on them all the time, thriving. Kind of like they are right now.

Operation Hellfire, Phase 2

Location: Takistan Region, Afghanistan


Dr. Edward Virgil, a high level weapons technology researcher, has escaped the foundation with information regarding our newly minted LOSP program amongst other things. As you are aware, we attempted to assasinate Dr. Virgil as a result, however we failed that task due to what we now know to be a well setup decoy.

DNA analysis of the corpse found on the runway show that the man in the blue suit was a decoy, one of many we have since discovered. It appears that, Virgil, with the help of the Chaos Insurgency and hired Taliban forces, is still hiding in Afghanistan somewhere but is using decoys to throw us off. 11 sightings of Virgil have been made in in central Afghanistan, however each location is the same time, meaning that a decoy or the real Virgil is present at each and every location. 

Mission & Execution

You will be raiding each location, killing the decoy (or Virgil) and conducting a dna analysis to determine if it is the real target or not. 

7 of the 11 locations are secure compounds, these will need to be raided due to a lack of visibility from the outside, ther other 4 locations however, are less secure and will be tasked to a sniper team. Once eliminated, they will then need to be cleared by a ground team to conduct a DNA analysis on the corpse.

Compound Alpha

Compound Alpha is a compound located outside of a Taliban held town. The compound itself is also held by Taliban forces.

The target moves around the compound frequently.

Estimated 10-15 fighters in the compound. 20-30 in the town.



Compound Bravo

Compound Bravo is a Taliban base, used to dispatch patrols throughout the region. The target resides throughout the compound, frequently moving about.

Estimated 15 fighters within the compound, roughly 30-40 men in the surrounding area and town.



Compound Charlie

Compound Charlie is large mosque being used as a fortress by Taliban forces. 

The target resides within the mosque.

Roughly 25 fighters in the town and mosque.


Compound Delta


Compound Echo


Compound Foxtrot


Compound Golf


Sniper Target Alpha

Target Alpha is a full military base, HVI moves throughout the compound frequently.


Sniper Target Bravo

Target Delta is a barracks building located on an oil storage facility, HVI frequents both floors.


Sniper Target Charlie

Target Charlie is a lone two story structure, HVI is residing on the second floor.


Sniper Target Delta

Target Delta is a lone two story structure, HVI is residing on the second floor.


Operation Hellfire, Phase 3

Location: South of Pakistan, Unnamed Island, Indian Ocean


Dr. Edward Virgil, a high level weapons technology researcher, escaped the foundation with important intelligence regarding several programs within the foundation. He was, however, successfully eliminated. Despite being eliminated however, he was still able to successfully hand over his stolen intel to the Chaos Insurgency. Command initially concluded that the intel was lost for good and would never be recovered. However at 07:30 yesterday, a blip on the foundation global network was noticed. It appears that virgil utilised a foundation made portable hard drive; which by design has a failsafe preventing non-foundation access and automatically uploads a network tracker to the device attempting to access it.

The signal was geolocated to a remote island off the shore of Pakistan in the Indian ocean. A satellite was immediately relocated to view the island, finding an enormous fort guarded by the Chaos Insurgency.


The fort is occupied by Chaos Insurgents with equipment very similar to what was encounter on Taviana. For future reference, Chaos Insurgents equipped in such a manner will be refered to as Percontor Insurgents. Medium armor and traditional, intermediate cartridge firing weapons.


Mission & Execution

Detachment one is to breach the fort via a known underwater entrance and locate the storage device, secure it and scuttle all chaos electronics present. The fort has a energy shield preventing aerial attack or ingress into the fort. If air support or air extract is wanted, the power stations on the island will need to be destroyed. Additionally, several anti aircraft locations have been spotted around the island that will need to be destroyed.