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Operation Enigma


Operation Enigma

Written by TFSO Ryker



Excuse the informality of this briefing gentlemen but I have a fire lit under by arse by a very anxious O4.

For several months now highly coordinated and well executed strikes against secure sites have been plaguing the Foundation across the globe. So far three sites have been massacred to the last man and two more have suffered ~75% loss of site staff. These sites have primarily been lightly defended and relatively unimportant facilities, except for the most recently attacked one. Initially it was theorized that the attacks were being coordinated by the Chaos Insurgency, however while the Chaos Insurgency does, in general, desire the destruction of the Foundation; so far none of the attacks have resulted in a loss of any artifacts or technology.

It appears as though the only goal of the attackers is to eliminate foundation personnel. Ultimately these attacks are of no consequence as it is easy enough to replace people and has no impact on the overall operational status of the Foundation. It has however piqued the curiosity of the O4 council who believe something more is potentially at play here than a simple desire to terminate as many scientists and janitors as possible.

ArmA 3 Screenshot 2022.06.16 -

Until a few hours ago we had little more than surveilance images of the attackers, but a four man intelligence team has been following the situation since it became a concern and have been attempting to gather something of substance to bring to command. Their attempts have finally begun to bear fruit, having intercepted several abnormal sattelite phone calls from a location in Kimmirut, a remote area in North East Canada. A small facility dedicated to reasearching still water victims is located suspiciously close to the origin of these calls.

The content of these calls are of little use due to the usage of a currently untranslated code language, with much of the calls being entirely nonsensical but spoken in deliberate tones - suggesting intentional usage of code language. The calls did however provide an opportunity to triangulate a position. Which is where we come in.

O4 has given us the task of exploiting this intelligence as rapidly as possible, idealy within the week. Due to your recent return from Africa and no active tasking as of now, I am assigning Detachment one the mission.


Operation Enigma's mission goal is to locate, identify and destroy all involved in an ongoing, coodinated effort to undermine and damage foundation operations. This will be a combined operation between Mobile Task Force Tau-44 and Task Force Enigma, a 4 man human intelligence team.

TF Enigma has identified two target locations in Kimmirut, designated Compound South and Compound East. You are tasked with killing or capturing everyone within these locations and attempting to gather further intelligence on any additional cells, motive and origin of the attackers.

Both compounds are heavily guarded and defended by AA emplacements littered throughout the hills around them. Additionally horseback patrols of 8-10 men have been noted throughout the region, with reconaisance groups setting up across the water from Sheer Test Site to frequently spy on it from a distance. 




  • Rules of Engagement:
    • Universal ROE
  • Prisoners of War, Enemy Prisoners of War:
    • Depending on the duration of the operation a secure location may need to be established until extraction can be organised.
  • Resupply: N/A, no support will be possible.

  • Fire Support: N/A, no support will be possible.
    • Reinsertion: N/A, no reinforcement will be possible.
    • Loadout Considerations:
      • Enough equipment for a potentially drawn out firefight to the target compounds.
    • Training Considerations:
      • Patrolling, small unit tactics and recon could be worth practising.
      • CQB drills on mockup compounds.
    • Gameplay Considerations:
      • The operation will be situationally-persistent. If the mission takes longer than one night, it will be saved.