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Operation Inferred


Operation Inferred

Location: Khe Sanh, Quảng Trị Province 

Written by Colonel Clyde Russell, acting adviser to MACVSOG operations pertaining to Mixed Commando Companies

Operational Mandate

The 232nd Mixed Commando Company Armiger has been tasked with assisting in counter-insurgency operations against VC and NVA currently operating in proximity to the US Airbase of Khe Sanh, with their overall objective being the disruption of any potential offensives or supply lines in the region. To achieve this goal Armiger have established a camp deep in-country away from Khe Sanh, allowing them to harass hostile activity and interact with the local population without the risk of VC spotters observing the US Airbase.

Resupply and Reinforcements

Due to the isolated nature of Armiger's deployment resupply operations will take place every fortnight-three weeks, with details to be passed through Lawrence "Devil" Sjurn, your acting communications officer. Armiger will not have a steady supply of reinforcements from Khe Sanh, instead having to rely on either convincing the local GIs to volunteer or recruiting from other sources. If the Company is entirely destroyed the local commander at Khe Sanh, Terrence "Staffy" MacDonald, is cleared to reactivate the unit using his own men although this would result in the loss of Armiger's MACV designation and with it the ability to independently act.    

This operation is still ongoing.

Phase 2

With the closure of both the Hell Pits and the encounter with the Immortal Tản Viên Sơn Thánh, Armiger finds itself staring down a several thousand year old entity called the Inferred. Capable of copying the essence of entities and duplicating them to serve it, the Inferred represents a catastrophic threat. Armiger now moves to recover pieces of an artifact disk that will locate the Inferred, so that it can be sealed once again.