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Operation: "SWIFT ILLNESS"



Compiled by Operator Veteran "BLACKOUT" for immediate dissemination to all Tau-44 operatives.


Operation Sucess - OUTCOME

Addendum 1 - Footage: "(S)//:krieg/DCIM/05062024_3"

Tau-44 was successful in eliminating all targets with minimal casualties. While the Angolan national police attempted to take advantage of the situation they were successfully evaded by Tau-44. At the time of writing the Convention People's Party has dissolved almost completely.

Nu-7 and the construction team are still experiencing sporadic fighters and saboteurs however without Kwame Nkrumah the local population will have nobody to organize them.

Without Dike Okonkwo to serve as a defacto leader they will eventually lose the will to fight.

Without David Spencer
 to advocate for IDAPs involvement in the region their fragile food economy will finally break under the pressure and people will eventually leave the area altogether providing further security for SCP-[REDACTED]'s containment site.

It appears your involvement exceeded expectations, Good work. - Task force commander "Ryker"


Posted: May 4, 2024 - 1953 Hours

At approximately 1349 01/05/2024 , Foundation personnel deployed to East Africa to begin construction of a containment facility for an anomalous entity designated SCP-[REDACTED]. The area had been selected due to its remote location and minimal civilian population, ensuring containment and security protocols could be implemented effectively.

However, shortly after our arrival and commencement of construction activities, we encountered significant interference from a local group affiliated with the revolutionary movement led by Kwame Nkrumah. This group had been identified as a potential threat to Foundation operations in the region due to their anti-government stance and opposition to perceived foreign influences.

The interference began with verbal warnings and demands to cease construction, citing the Foundation's associations with the government and accusing us of perpetuating the exploitation of East Africa's resources. Despite attempts at negotiation and explanation, the revolutionary group remained adamant in their opposition.

As tensions escalated, the group resorted to more aggressive tactics, including blockades of construction equipment, sabotage of infrastructure, and threats against Foundation personnel. Despite efforts to maintain a peaceful resolution, the situation deteriorated rapidly, culminating in a violent confrontation between Foundation security personnel and members of the revolutionary group.

Ultimately, due to the escalating hostilities and concerns for the safety of both Foundation personnel and local civilians, construction efforts were temporarily suspended, and a tactical withdrawal was initiated. The revolutionary group's interference has effectively delayed the establishment of the containment facility, posing a significant setback to our containment efforts in the region.

SCP-[REDACTED] is currently [REDACTED] and as time is critical. The 04 have signed off on a strike package to eliminate Kwame Nkrumah and two of his critical supporters. Tau-44 will be deployed effective immediately.


Kwame Nkrumah, born in 1989, is a notable figure in contemporary African affairs.

Hailing from Angola, he founded the Convention People's Party and played a significant role in Angola's journey to independence. 

Rising to prominence swiftly, Nkrumah became known for his advocacy for grassroots movements and community development initiatives working closely IDAPHowever, recent years saw him becoming jaded at the rate of progress then later facing criticism for his authoritarian leadership style, Eventually the Party's actions become more and more hostile until a group of loyal supporters armed themselves and engaged in a firefight with local police.

 Since then Nkrumah has turned his supporters into soldiers and gained significant leverage over the government. Experts believe he will take full power in a matter of months


Angola is Arid, Spheritic trees and intermittent Hill ranges.

The settlements present are shanty and worn and close to one another. It isn't quite claustrophobic but they aren't so far apart that you'll need a scope to sling lead.

download (1).jpgdownload.jpg


In order to stabilize the region we need to eliminate Kwame Nkrumah along with the local IDAP director he provides security to, David Spencer & the spiritual leader of his people, and those of the surrounding area Dike Okonkwo.

Additionally, we need you to destroy any military equipment, supplies, and infrastructure in the area in addition to the IDAP distribution center and its supplies.


Kwame Nkrumah - ELIMINATED


David Spencer - ELIMINATED


Dike Okonkwo - ELIMINATED



Spartan and Jager Teams will have full operational Freedom to plan their execution before the operation.

Respawns - This will be a one life op for Tau-44. Upon death, respawns will need to disconnect and reconnect with a new slot. This slot will have a respawn kit that has bare-bones equipment. This will provide real consequences to death without taking away.

Reinsert - Via Simplex vehicles



Radio Frequencies 
Spartan - 41.1
Jager - 41.2
Squad net - 41
Archangel (TOC) - 40