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.44 Magnum


The .44 Remington Magnum, also known as .44 Magnum or 10.9x33mmR is a rimmed, large-bore cartridge originally designed for revolvers and quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. Famously called "the most powerful handgun [cartridge] in the world" by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, the .44 Magnum has since been eclipsed in power by the .454 Casull,  .480 Caning Magnum and .500 S&W Magnum; nevertheless, due in part to its more manageable recoil, it has remained one of the most popular commercial large-bore magnum cartridges


Note: 343.2 m/s is the subsonic barrier - anything below that is considered subsonic. Subsonic ammunition removes the bullet crack down range making the round better suited to stealth.

Ammunition Type Damage Bullet Velocity (m/s) Barrier Penetration
180GR XTP 24.74 503 1.81
225GR XPB 26.4 376 4.3
300GR XTP 31.5 380 1.6
Paralight AP 15.2 689 14.5
Pyrotechnic 11.5 + [email protected] 380 0.2

Note: Barrier penetration represents the rounds ability to go through walls and barriers. Armor piercing represents the rounds ability to penetrate body armor plates.