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7.62x39 due to the relatively low production price, widespread adoption and decent performance 7.62x39 has become one of the most popular and wide spread rounds around the world. This round was adopted by Russia for the AK-47/AKM platform rifle.


57-N-231 is the first variant of 7.62x39 that was adopted. It is a standard FMJ cartridge with relatively average performance.

This round has the following variants:

  • 57-N-231P Tracers


Standard 7.62x39 with a heavier bullet to slow down the overall speed to subsonic levels. Designed to work better with suppressors and eliminate super sonic cracks.

57-N-231 (89)

57-N-231 (89) or 7.62x39 PS is an updated 57-N-231 with an added steel core penetrator to help defeat modern body armour. Was officially adopted in 1989.



Note: 343.2 m/s is the subsonic barrier - anything below that is considered subsonic. Subsonic ammunition removes the bullet crack down range making the round better suited to stealth.

Ammunition Type Damage Bullet Velocity (m/s) Barrier Penetration Armor Piercing
57-N-231 8.6 718 0.55 6
57-N-231U 5.79 293 0.455063 2
57-N-231 (89) 8.5 718 0.928505 9

Note: Barrier penetration represents the rounds ability to go through walls and barriers. Armor piercing represents the rounds ability to penetrate body armor plates.