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5.56 NATO


5.56 NATO (5.56x45mm NATO) is the standard cartridge for all NATO countries as well as a large number of non-NATO countries. 

M855 (Also called FMJ)

M855 is a steel penetrator tipped round with a lead core and copper jacket. It is the predecessor to the M855A1 round. It is average at flesh damage and armour penetration. It has the following variations:

  • M856 Red Tracer
  • M856 Green Tracer
  • M856 Yellow Tracer
  • M856 Orange Tracer

M855A1 (Also called EPR)

M855A1 is an upgraded version of the M855 round with improved velocities and armour penetration capabilities. It has the following variations:

  • M856A1 Red Tracer
  • M856A1 Green Tracer
  • M856A1 Yellow Tracer

Mk318 (Also called SOST)

The Mk318 is an open tipped penetrator round designed to inflict high levels of soft tissue damage. It moves slightly slower than M855A1 and is very ineffective at armour penetration. It has no additional variations.

Mk262 (Also called SBLR)

Mk262 SPR/SBLR (Special Ball Long Range) is a hollow point match grade round designed for long range accuracy. It has better performance than M855A1 at range as well as better soft tissue damage. It however has poor armour penetration capabilities. It has no additional variations.

M995 AP (Armour Piercing)

M995 AP is a armour piercing tungsten core giving it exceptional armour piercing capabilities. It has average performance on par with M855A1 however it is inferior at range due to the projectile being heavier than it's counterparts. It has no additional variations.

M193 Ball

M193 ball is the first type of ammunition first adopted for the M16 platform. M193 is higher velocity than most 5.56 however it possesses inferior armour penetration capabilities to M855. However due to its high velocity and relatively light weight construction it has an extreme tendency to 'tumble' upon impact, resulting in vicious wounds. It has the following variations:

  • M196 Tracer Red


Subsonic 5.56 is designed for stealth operations. It does not produce a supersonic crack and is quieter to AI making you harder to spot when shooting. It has average performance on par with M855A1 however it falls off massively at range due to its subsonic speed.


Note: 343.2 m/s is the subsonic barrier - anything below that is considered subsonic. Subsonic ammunition removes the bullet crack down range making the round better suited to stealth.

Note: these stats are only accurate to TAU-44s modset and vary wildly from default RHS stats. 

Ammunition Type Damage Bullet Velocity (m/s) Barrier Penetration Armor Piercing
M855A1 9 960 0.94 8.9
M855 9 920 0.44 8
Mk318 15.5500002 950 0.63 6.5
Mk262 10.3 838.20001 0.67 6
M995 8.6 1024 1.8 45
M193 12.3 998 0.5 7.5
Subsonic 9.3 320 1.0 7


Note: Barrier penetration represents the rounds ability to go through walls and barriers. Armor piercing represents the rounds ability to penetrate body armor plates.