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Demons on the radio waves, Temples lost to ages past

Written by Lawrence "Devil" Sjurn, Reviewed by Jacob "Manitou" Akecheta

With the Hell Pit to the camp's north successfully sealed the "lesions" that were around the site have either dissipated or been burned with flamethrowers. Hopefully we can repeat this with the other Hell pit, once a plan has been agreed on.

We have analyzed the traffic heard on the long rang Tung stole in an attempt to decode the second language, with moderate success. As previously stated, the voice appears to be two different people mashed together to form one, whether this is some kind of encryption cooked up by the speaker or another "anomalous" entity is unknown.

The fully decoded message is:

The 2nd legion has failed to take the ashes from the Americans in the Quảng Trị Province, even after attacking them during the sealing process of the malédiction. I am requesting the authorization to deploy the ascended to assault the airbase at Khe Sanh to retrieve the ashes.

Do not be so foolish as to think that the CIA would store such relics among the wider US force, no they have them hidden somewhere in the jungle near Khe Sanh. Likely with the SOG unit that your men have performed so pathetically poor against. They will move to seal the second malédiction, strike with the ascended there.

We will return the ashes to their rightful place.

See that you do, before my master decides to alter the deal further.

Prepare for another set of hostiles to appear on Sunday, this could turn into a four way fight with NVA/VC-2nd Legion-US and spirit Demons all onsite.

Callsign Manitou has finished his "divining" of the relic that Chap recovered/received? from the Spirit Beasts and believes it is a compass pointing to a unmarked temple somewhere to the east of Khe Sanh. He has also stated that the artifact seems incomplete, with areas on the ring of the disk that seem to act as connection points. Manitou has "requested" that Armiger go temple hunting prior to their strike at the Hell Pit. You will be taking the artifact disk with you to the temple, while the ashes are being moved to Khe Sanh to be picked up by Armiger prior to sealing the "malédiction" at the mountain.

The FPG have been quiet for a couple weeks now, whether this is due to being wiped out or going to ground is unknown, since other CIA and SOG teams haven't encountered them either.