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Note found amongst Winchester's equipment

Lawrence "Devil" Sjurn to Cpln. Babe Chap Sealy and SGGT. Winchester

Subject: Potentially compromised individual

This is not the kind of note I would normally pass around, however recent actions and behavior by a member of Guppy, Lance, has me concerned that he may be "spiritually" compromised. That may sound like an odd term to use, he still seems loyal to the unit and the war but his recent one on one meetings with the local faith during patrols that seem almost secret, with comments by members of Oddball and Guppy when they walked in on a conversation between a local Priest and Lance that immediately ceased on their arrival, have given me cause for concern.

He also confessed to myself that he had "consumed" a 1/3 of the ashes or whatever is contained in the vases Armiger recovered prior to your recent patrol and was observed by a member of Guppy jumping several meters into the air and landing without injury, who then approached me with said observation. It might be possible he is possessed, but we simply don't have enough information to act yet.

Keep an eye on him, if he seems like he's going to desert or turn traitor deal with him. Be wary of these apparent powers however, who knows what he can do now. You are not to inform any other member of your squads, this is to stay strictly between the three of us.