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Item #: SCP-12936SCP90021.png

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: There is no known way to contain SCP-12936 and its related objects at this current time. Mobile Task Force Eta-10 had been tasked with investigating the anomaly further and preventing any entrance to the site of the anomaly. Special Containment Procedures are unknown, however it is currently contained in a military research facility on the Island of Taviana.

Description: SCP-12936 is an antimemetic cognitohazardous reality-bending anomaly located in the town of █████, █████████, Russia. SCP-12936 encompasses an area of roughly 800m2, but can seemingly affect anyone within an estimated 4km2 radius. SCP-12936 is an antimemetic cognitohazardous reality-bending event seemingly connected to several books of identical design. The event appears to occur when the book, SCP-12936-2 is paired with SCP-12936-3. The event occurs when SCP-12936-2 and SCP-12936-3 are covered in the blood of a human during a blood ritual <See Operation Percontor Intel>. Originally believed to only be located in the town of █████, █████████, Russia until a second copy of 12936-2 and 12936-3 were discovered in an underground facility on the island of Malden, Greece. The area of effect is undetermined and varies between both known events. However, its effects worsen the closer an individual gets to the epicenter, there appears to be no limit to how many individuals SCP-12936 can affect at any given time. SCP-12936's effects typically include hallucinations (auditory and visual), amnesia, teleportation, and manifestation of various entities and objects.

Individuals within the radius of SCP-12936 report feelings of confusion, fear and anxiety. MTF Operatives sent in to investigate the anomaly report hearing voices coming from the trees or thin air and even through their radios. The voices appear to be accompanied by hallucinations of a "burned man", reportedly appearing behind them or in their peripheral vision. The "burned man" is described as being naked, of no discernable race or origin and being at least 90-100% covered in 3rd or 4th degree burns. This individual is hereby referred to as SCP-12936-1.

SCP-12936's epicenter is located in the town of █████, █████████, Russia. Why █████ is the epicenter is unknown and what exactly caused SCP-12936 to take place is also undetermined. █████ originally housed a population of 35 people, all of whom are missing; presumed dead. The current theory regarding SCP-12936's manifestation is that it was likely caused by an individual within the town conducting some form of occult ritual (refer to Addendum 12936-D), this is however unconfirmed.

Two manned expeditions into SCP-12936 have been conducted thus far, by a team of operatives from Mobile task Force Tau-44. Several images, audio recordings and video recordings have been obtained from these expeditions however upon reviewing any of these materials, details that are often described by the individuals within the recordings are not accurate to what is shown. It is as of yet undetermined if this is due to hallucinations experienced by the operatives or whether SCP-12936 is directly effecting the recordings. 

Addendum 12936-A1, Expedition One - Field Report:

Expedition One - Field Report

Attached is a field report written by the teamleader of Hoplite 1-1 MTF Tau-44, directly after the first expedition. Upon review of the operatives helmet camera footage a number of details within the report appear to be innaccurate, in some cases appearing to have simply never occured. Refer to Addendum 12936-A2 for an analysis of the report by Analyst ██████████.




1.1 Was tasked with investigating a small town somewhere in rural Russia. Up on approaching A.O. 1.1 collided with a local police car, 1.1 was ordered to dismount and eliminate all persons in the vehicle, one person was eliminated and the body was bagged and hidden off the road, a singular vehicle was immobilised and was left behind.

1.1 continued to AO and dismounted approximately 350 meters from check point referenced in the Op briefing. 1.1 was ordered to flank left of the checkpoint and sighted contact in a fortified camp approx 200 meters from checkpoint containing 4 to 8 Russian OREL, 1.1 was ordered to engage the camp. During the firefight or just after 1.1 was engaged by an OREL patrol from the rear. After the firefight Operative █████ was found to be KIA.

A replacement was then deployed and promptly regrouped at the captured camp. 1.1 was then ordered to push up the hill and engage the checkpoint. No casualties were taken. Operative █████ was ordered to move back down the hill to our dismount location to retrieve our SUV however shortly after an OREL patrol engaged the remainder of 1.1 and they were promptly eliminated. Shortly after the firefight, Operative █████ reported that he was knocked unconscious and that our vehicle was missing. Operative █████ was ordered to regroup, then reported contact a few moments later. The remaining 1.1 at the checkpoint were ordered to move to Operative █████’s position.

Operative █████ regrouped safely with 1.1, around this time disembodied groaning was observed. 1.1 was ordered to form diamonds around Operative █████, operating a specialised thermal optic. 1.1 moved north by north west to a hill overseeing the objective town, here Operative █████ observed contact and confirmed it to be an anomalous entity of some kind. No immediate aggressive behaviour was taken towards 1.1. 


Hoplite 1.1 continued into the small town via the main road and observed the vehicles of local police forces that were sent in prior to foundation deployment. Operative █████ at this point sighted three more floating entities above a tree, Approx 10 meters off the ground (REF IMAGE 1) and another contact in the roof of a shed. 1.1 was ordered to engage contacts however, rounds had zero effect on target and was met with what was perceived as sobbing or groaning. 


Red team was ordered to clear buildings whilst blue pulled security. Red team observed furniture on the roof along with writing on the walls and was ordered to divert to the next building, blue team entered the building and Operative Logan observed two entities via thermal optics laying and sitting on the furniture (REF IMAGE 2)

1.1 later encountered contact in the shed in the form of bloodied persons in woodland CRBN uniforms utilising police batons, contacts were eliminated. Whilst regrouping 1.1 encountered another CRBN uniformed person and attempted to eliminate them however rounds on this particular person had zero effect on target. 1.1 actual observed no hostile intent and permitted Operative ██████ to make contact. With zero response the persons was restrained by Operative ██████ (REF IMAGE 3)


1.1 at this time MTF command advised 1.1 of technical failure with foundation equipment and as such 1.1 Actual ordered 1.1 secure asset and exit the AO. Upon attempting to leave 1.1 observed mist that was harmful to persons attempting to move through it (REF IMAGE 3)


1.1 Actual concluded that exfil would not be an option unless the source was secured or eliminated. 1.1 was ordered to pull back to town with CRBN persons and secured him in a commandeered police car. 1.1 later observed a mass of CRBN persons swarming around a single point and 1.1 briefly observed a man at the center of said swarm, they were deemed non hostile and 1.1 continued with tasking however at this time Operatives █████ and ███████ were affected by unknown force and were killed immediately, their bodies were not recoverable. 

1.1 moved further into the town, Operator █████ observed an entity on thermals just above the door to town house (REF IMAGE 4). 1.1 was ordered to breach and search the building upon which 1.1 actual observed a mutilated corpse impaled on a spike on the 2nd floor of townhouse. 1.1 secured object of interest on townhouse desk.

1.1 was ordered to exfil via comendered police car, 1.1 was able to get around the mist and managed to return to the staging area. 

Image 1



Image 2



Image 3


Image 4

Addendum 12936-A2, Expedition One - Field Report Analysis:

Expedition One - Field Report Analysis


Attached is an analysis of Addendum 12936-A2 written by Anaylist ██████████. The analysis concludes that all members of Mobile Task Force Tau-44 who were involved with the initial expedition should be immediately given Class A General Retrograde amnestics. This recommendation has since been executed, all members of Hoplite 1-1 have been given Class A amnestics and returned to full service.

Additionally, two items: a book and a wooden cube have been catalogued as sub-entities of SCP-12936 - hereby referred to as SCP-12936-2 (The Book) and SCP-12936-3 (The Cube).


Analysis Report
      Subject: Hoplite 1-1, Expedition One Field Report
      Date: 04/03/2021
      Analyst: Michael ██████████

I have reviewed all available footage, images and reports made available to me. For simplicities sake I will break down Operative Apprentice █████'s report into its paragraphs and analysis each paragraph individually with my conclusions based on what I can accertain from the materials made available to me for analysis. This is rather unorthodox, I know, however the events that transpired are less than normal and as such require a less traditional method of analysis.

Operative Apprentice █████ will hereon be refered to as OA. █████. WHAT IS LOST SHALL NOT BE FOUND

Paragraph One

OA. █████ states that Hoplite 1-1 was tasked with the investigation of a small town in rural Russia and that en route to their first objective they came into contact with local police, this is correct according to all helmet camera footage from the team. However, paragraph two is where events that were written down begin to deviate from the footage captured by Hoplite 1-1. 

Paragraph Two & Three

OA. █████ states that Hoplite 1-1 dismounted near their first objective and began an assault on the encampment located at their first objective, in the process eliminating approximately 8 Russian OREL (Rural Special Police). This is all correct and accurate, however OA. █████'s version of events begin to deviate here.

OA. █████ goes on to state that Operative █████ was found to be killed in action, however, at no point in any of the helmet camera footage was the operative KIA - not even in Operative █████'s own footage. OA. █████ then states that a replacement was deployed to take Operative █████'s place, this again, did not happen. No records of any reinforcements being deployed exist, radio transcripts containing a request for reinforcements do not exist and Operative █████ was not reported to have died at any point.

OA. █████ continues that following the assault, an Operative was sent back to retrieve their insertion vehicle. OA. █████ states that the operative reported being knocked unconcious and upon awakening discovered that their vehicle was nowhere to be found. Reviewing helmet camera footage from the Operative in question, █████, the footage showed the operative reach the location of the SUV and then proceed to stare at the vehicle for exactly five minutes and thirty seven seconds at which point he then audibly states that he was knocked unconcious and cannot see the vehicle despite the vehicle being in clear view of his helmet camera.

Paragraph Four, Five, Six & Seven


OA. █████ states that all members of Hoplite 1-1 began to hear an audible groaning sound that was seemingly disembodied and had no discernable source. Upon reviewing the footage, all members of 1-1 do in fact note the sound however the sound is not audible in the footage.

Disregarding the sound, Hoplite 1-1 then moved into position to overwatch the town. At which point OA. █████ states that a member of his team began to ovserve the town with his specialised thermal optic. The operative reported observing some kind of entity from this location, however his optic was not set to record at the time so I cannot confirm the sighting.

Hoplite 1-1 then moved into the town where they located two local police vehicles that were heavily damaged. The footage confirms this. 

OA. █████ states that the operative operating the thermal optic then observed three entities floating above tree level. At this point the optic was set to record, however upon reviewing the footage nothing can be observed - the camera appears to simply be pointing at an empty sky. Hoplite 1-1 then proceeded to open fire on the perceived entities, apparently to no effect.

From here on the team reports seeing a number of floating entities, the most interesting of which being an entity sitting in a coach floating from the ceiling and another entity in the same room laying down in a bed - also hanging from the ceiling. In the footage the entities described are not present, however the floating furniture is present.

Continuing on from the house, Hoplite 1-1 is observed firing at thin air. Seemingly believing they are in a firefight with a number of "bloodied persons in woodland CRBN uniforms utilising police batons" whom they supposedly eliminated. At no point are any individuals present in the footage beyond that of the team itself and according to reports taken from the Russian OREL, at no point were officers in CBRN gear sent into the event. The only police to have been sent into the event were patrol officers who would have doned typical police uniforms.

Paragraph Eight & Nine


Paragraph eight simply did not happen. At no point did MTF Command contact Hoplite 1-1, and the low lying fog described and pictured in the report was present through the entirety of the footage. However it was only at this point that the team acknowledged the fog, upon walking into the fog the team began to have trouble breathing and felt as though it was poisonous. They then returned back to the town, at which point they walked through more fog but did not appear to take any notice of it.

Upon reaching the town again, they were yet again engaged in a firefight with nothing. OA. █████ states that Operatives █████ and ███████ were affected by an unknown force and were killed immediately. According to the footage both operatives appeared to stop moving at this point but did not seem to be dead. Vitals tracking data confirms this conclusion as well.

Paragraph Ten & Eleven

Hoplite 1-1, excluding Operatives █████ and ███████, continued to what they determined to be the source of the anomaly. The footage shows them observing more entities which are not present in the footage, they then continue into the house and progress through to the second floor. At which point they then continue to a single room at the end of the building. Noticable static and visual distortion begins to effect the footage at this point however a disemboweled man impaled on a spike can be observed behind a desk. On the desk a boom of some kind can be seen, with a cube that appears to be roughly 10cmin size.

Attempts to enhance the footage results in further distortion, without higher quality footage I am unable to determine any details on the cube or the book.

At this point in the footage, OA. █████ moves to secure both objects. According to his report he suceeds in doing so, however the footage shows all the operatives in the room drop their weapons and begin to exit the building - at no point is the cube or the book secured. 

Upon exiting the building, Hoplite 1-1 began a zombie like stroll in the direction of their staging area. Upon reaching a distance of roughly 1km from the town, Hoplite 1-1 members began moving at a normal pace back to their staging area.


SCP-12936 is clearly some form of cognitohazard. Severe visual and audio hallucinations were experienced by all members of Hoplite 1-1. What I am less sure about is if it was simply just hallucinations or if it was also some form of reality bending. What makes me question the fact that what they were experiencing was simply hallucinations, was the seemingly gravity defying furniture that was visible in the footage. 

Additionally, without more detailed observations of the book and cube I am unable to determine what their significance is - however it is obvious that they appear to be the center of the event. I would suggest that these be catalogued as sub-entities of SCP-12936.

It is hard for me to conclusively say what SCP-12936 is, I suggest a second expedition into █████, preferably by an MTF such as Eta-10 who are better suited to this specific threat.

Finally, I recommend that all members of Hoplite 1-1 are immediately given Class A amnestics and be returned to duty.

Addendum 12936-B, Expedition Two:

Expedition Two


Following amnesticisation of Hoplite 1-1 and evaluation of the outcome of Expedition One, the decision was made by O4 and Senior Researcher █████ ███████ to redeploy Hoplite 1-1 to investigate the site of the anomaly again to observe any changes in the effects to the team or in the anomaly site itself. Mobile Task Force TAU-44 Operations Command has been made aware of these plans and have also approved. Pending the results of the second expedition, TAU-44 OC has requested that Hoplite 1-1 yet again be issued Class A Amnestics should the outcome be similar to the first.


Hoplite 1-1 was told that their mission was to search for a missing team within the anomalous zone who went missing. This is false however, the only other team to enter the site was Hoplite 1-1 itself. Due to the use of Class A Amnestics on the team they are not aware of this.


Immediately following the first expedition Russian MSV (Ground Forces) moved in and setup blockades preventing access to the site and the area surrounding it. This is likely due to the suspicious disapearance of numerous police units previously assigned to the location. 


Hoplite 1-1 was tasked with eliminating all Russian presence in the area and then tasked with progressing into the anomalous zone to search for the SUV left behind during the first expedition.  Hoplite 1-1 successfully eliminated all Russian presence in the area. 


Leading upto the initial engagement Hoplite 1-1 split into two groups, 1-1-A and 1-1-B. 1-1-B was tasked with conducting a flanking maneuver around to the south of the Russian forces however, following extreme interferance with their radios and severe hallucinations of both a audio and visual nature, they were forced to retreat and regroup with 1-1-A.


Hoplite 1-1 then progressed to the SUV, at this point TAU-44 operations command lost all contact with the group and according to BLUE FORCE tracker Hoplite 1-1 ceased movement at this point. After 20 minutes passed contact was re-established with Hoplite 1-1 at which point OV. ██████ ordered 1-1 to return back to base. Anomalously, all of Hoplite 1-1's vehicles, originally abandoned elsewhere appeared to have been moved up to their location - how exactly this occured is unknown.

Addendum 12936-C, Expedition Two - Debrief:

Expedition Two - Debrief


[Entry Redacted]

Addendum 12936-D, Activation Method:

Possible Activation Method


Evidence was found in the town by ETA-10 of some form of ritual that was performed by a local of the town. Likely to activate or summon the effects of 12936-2 and 12936-3. Blood and other bodily fluids were found on several pages of 12936-2, suggesting the ritual is likely a blood ritual of some kind.


Addendum 12936-E, Status of SCP-12936:

Current Status of SCP-12936


SCP-12936 was previously secured in the field by MTF ETA-10 and was being investigated for more sufficient means of containment, however due to pressure from the Russian government and threats of attack ETA-10 was forced to retreat and the site was subsequently taken over by members of GRU Division P. As such the current status of 12936 is unknown at this time.

Addendum 12936-F, Malden:

Malden, Mediterranean Sea


Mobile Task Force TAU-44 was deployed to the Island of Malden to investigate Serpents Hand activity on the island. It was quickly discovered that the Serpents hand were no longer present and Chaos Insurgency was encountered where the Serpents Hand were expected.

While fighting the Chaos Insurgents TAU-44 stumbled upon an underground facility at which point they were ordered to thoroughly investigate the facility and clear it out. The facility was lightly populated by several Chaos Insurgents, some of whom had been killed by something from within the facility. At which point TAU-44 discovered instances of 12936-2 and 12936-3 deep within the facility. It is assumed that these are second copies, however that cannot be confirmed at this time.  It has since been confirmed that there is only one copy of 12936-2 and 12936-3.

Attempts were made to secure the copies however TAU-44 was unable to do so due to similar effects encountered in Russia. The site entrances were collapsed by TAU-44 to prevent further incursion into the facility until an appropriate MTF can be dispatched. GRU Division P has since secured the facility and recaptured SCP 12936, further action is not possible and the current location of 12936 is unknown.

Addendum 12936-G, Taviana:

Status of SCP-12936


Mobile Task Force TAU-44 was tasked with investigating an unrelated abnormal occurance on the island of Taviana in the Baltic Sea. Upon arrival TAU-44 found the island to be in complete disarray with much of the population being deceased, with what little remained of the population forming settlements that were extremely hostile to any outsiders.


In the process of TAU-44's investigation, mentions of horrors in the night were found as well as other incoherent ramblings by the locals. Locals insisted that they should "stay out of the dark and avoid the light", an obviously contradictory warning however it was soon discovered by TAU-44 following a situation in which they took a casualty, that artificial light generated primarily by light bulbs on vehicles or structures would cause an individual exposed to the light to immediately combust and burn to death through unknown means. Following this discovery, orders were given out to avoid all artificial light and stick to natural light sources generated by the combustion of organic hydrocarbons as well as light generated by chemical reactions from things such as chemlights.


Additionally at night, between the hours of roughly 20:00 and 05:00 everyone on the island would see visual anomalies, hear abnormal sounds and in some cases be attacked by anomalous creatures of various kinds. At the time it was unconfirmed if these anomalies were physically present or if they were simply elaborate hallucinations. However, it is likely that these anomalies were more than likely the product of reality distortion caused by what would later be discovered to be SCP-12936 stored deep within the island.


TAU-44 gained access to a secret facility on Taviana located at ██████ ████, in the ██ corner of the island. Within the facility it was discovered that SCP-12936 had been secured there by the GRU Division P. Based on intelligence gathered by the mobile task force, it was discovered that the book compelled members of the security force tasked with guarding the book, to sacrafice themselves and their comrades upon the book. This in turn seemingly granted more power to the book, increasing its area of effect resulting in further self-sacrafice and insanity amongst the facility. 


TAU-44 was drawn by the compulsion effects of the book, leading to their eventual insanity and death. However, it appears as though members of TAU-44 did not attempt to sacrafice themselves upon the book and simply were driven to murder each other, preventing them from securing the objects. A teamleader within TAU-44 managed to set off four nuclear bombs before succumbing to his wounds or insanity.


SCP 12936 is assumed to be neutralized at this time.

Addendum 12936-H, Audio Transcript:

The following interview was conducted by Dr. Keith Packard during an after action investigation of Operation Percontor

Interviewer: Dr. Keith Packard, Site-231


Interviewee: OV. Aaron Jansen, Mobile Task Force Tau-44, Detachment One, Director of Operations



Dr. Packard: Jansen, good to see you.


OV. Jansen: If you say so. Lets get this shit done, I've got things to unfuck as I am sure you are aware.


Dr. Packard: I will make this as quick as I can, so long as you cooperate. First thing, what was the goal of Operation Percontor.


OV. Jansen: You know what really grinds my gears? Being asked questions that you clearly have the fucking answer to already.


Dr. Packard: It's proc... (A loud sigh interupts Packard)


OV. Jansen: The goal of Operation Percontor was to rapidly deploy to Taviana and conduct a full scale investiation of the current situation on the island and determine the appropriate response to the situation as well as identify any anomalous entities or activity on the island. Once completed I was to request the appropriate Mobile Task Force for the situation and extract my Detachment...(Sighs) That sound about right?


Dr. Packard: It does, however Detachment One did not do that did they? Why exactly might that be?


OV. Jansen: I was receiving orders directly from the O4 Council to continue our mission and to "do our best". Do not fucking dare to grill me about this or I swear...(pauses) I was ordered to continue the mission and handle the situation, assistance was provided by a small contingent of Nu-7 to lighten the load. I personally believe we handled it well until...well, the end.


Dr. Packard: Major Parker, the commander of the Deus Belli stated that you were in fact, not following orders and were falsely reporting progress to O4 to retain control the operation. Parker believes you were doing this for recognition, if y.. 


OV. Jansen: (Jansen punches the table and stands up) Major Parker is a shit cunt! Nothing more nothing less. I will not be slandered by that fat fucki...

Dr. Packard: SIT DOWN OPERATIVE! Let me finish what I was saying. Were you falsely reporting your progress on the island to retain control of the mission?


OV. Jansen: No.


Dr. Packard: █████ █████ has stated that in your last check you stated that progress was slow and that you had not found anything conclusive yet, additionally you had stated that local opposition was preventing movement west from your forward operating base established on the eastern coast of the main island. This was obviously a lie as you gave this progress from a new base established on the western coast, at which point O4 told you that you had one week to wrap up the operation and determine an appropriate response for the situation on the island. This was corroborated by five seperate Nu-7 operatives present in the FOB. Why were you lying to O4?

OV. Jansen: I...I don't know. I felt...Compelled? Drawn? I don't know. We all agreed that we had to see it through and complete the mission ourselves, we had to see for ourselves what was in Sector D. It was probably that fucking book, I felt forced not to tell anyone what we had found. I felt like we had to be the ones to find I just know that it was probably that evil fucking thing trying to knock us off, to prevent us from revealing to command that it was there. Well, the fucking thing didn't realise that I don't get to experience the excitement of shooting shit and I just sit on my ass behind a radio and that we have our own evil creations that let us defy death anyway. Fucker almost, ALMOST, erased us, but not quite.


Dr. Packard: Had you been exposed to 12936 before? 


OV. Jansen: 12936? Ah, I haven't been briefed on whatever you have classified that shit as yet. No, I haven't been directly exposed to it. Most of my boys had been though, as I am sure you are aware. I don't think it mattered though, that island was cursed...I could feel it. Just being on that island was exposure enough, everyone had horrible nightmares