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Item #: SCP-12062

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment area is to be kept behind two reverse-pressure airlocks. Chemical shower sterilization and full self-contained breathing apparatus hazmat suits are mandatory for all personnel entering containment area. Blood tests should be done every 24 hours for ten days after any interaction with SCP-12062. Instances of SCP-12062 must be kept suspended in liquid 1-trichloromethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-β-carboline at -200 degrees Celsius to prevent potential aerosolization.

Access to SCP-12062 is strictly limited to Site-231 Division P research personnel, or individuals who have applied for and received special clearance from the O4 Council or Site-231 Director. When handling SCP-12062 all interactions must take place within a sterile sealed glass case using “Waldo” robotic manipulators. SCP-12062 should be kept immersed in Paraffinum Liquidum and all testing areas should feature a fume hood connected to incinerator at 2500 degrees Celsius. Any atomised samples of SCP-12062 must be returned to their frozen liquid storage unit.

All instances of SCP-12062-1, SCP-12062-2, and SCP-12062-3 should be terminated on sight with extreme prejudice.

Description: SCP-12062 is a biological pathogen believed to have been developed by Afghani tribesmen. When, where, and the specifics of its development are not known at this time. It was delivered to Dmitriy Vlasov - a Russian private citizen living in Afghanistan - in 1981, who tested and attempted to develop it both as a biological weapon and for pharmaceutical purposes. This tradition was carried on by his son, Nikolai Vlasov, who has been in contact with the pathogen for 18 years and has the highest viral cell count of any infected subject found to date.

The pathogen has been hypothesized to have originated in an alternate reality and as such is particularly hard to quantify. It appears to target human biology and has been observed not to affect non-human animalia however is highly contagious to plant life if the strain of SCP-12062 has not diverted too much from its original variant. In order to affect a victim it must be transmitted via bodily fluid or through liquid ingestion or aerosol inhalation at concentration strength equal or greater than 1PPM. Initially infected victims become instances of SCP-12062-1, these infected gain increased strength and durability and seem to be immune to conventional death, rising with only minor cognitive damage from any trauma that would normally kill a human.

One important property of SCP-12062-1 is a "self-resurrection" effect; when instances of SCP-12062-1 are left in a state where they cannot maintain normally bodily functions such as gaining oxygen or sustenance their cognitive functions will rapidly deteriorate, SCP-12062 will mutate to hijack the subject's nervous system as the subject's own brain structures lose cohesion. The subject then becomes an instance of SCP-12062-2, which will mindlessly seek out other humans to infect, using scratches or bites to make fluid contact.

Viable offspring of SCP-12062-1 are classified as SCP-12062-3 and demonstrate vastly increased strength and durability, above and beyond what is exhibited by their parents, as well as instantaneous locomotion via teleportation. Subjects claim the latter instance stems from an ability to "exist in the realm of god". Instances of SCP-12062-3 also demonstrate the capability to project their conscious thoughts, which is felt as a whispering aura within a short range of the anomaly. Proximity or physical contact with SCP-12062-3 causes incredible stress on a victim's body and psyche, but also provides a vector for spontaneous (non fluid-contacted) transmission of SCP-12062 to the victim.

No third-generation subjects (i.e. viable offspring of instances of SCP-12062-3) have been observed as of the time of compilation of these Special Containment Procedures.

In cases where multiple instances of SCP-12062-3 congregate, the following ambient effects have been observed: scattered ionised electrical fields, which manifest as patches of roiling lightning; altered regional weather conditions, manifesting as powerful electrical storms; and pinpoints of green flourescence, which attract vastly increased lightning strike activity within a close proximity (approximately several metres).

On termination, SCP-12062-3 emits a high-pitched shriek and dissipates into a cloud of dense, smokey ash. The cause of this particular effect is currently unknown.

Addendum 12062-A1: CTRG Mission Report, 1981


Addendum 12062-A2: Foundation Analysis Report of Document 12062-A1


Addendum 12062-A3: MTF Tau-44, Hoplite 1-1, 1IC After-Action Report: Operation Phoenix Flight, Phase 2, 02/11/2001

stood AAR.jpg

Addendum 12062-A4: Transcript, final transmission, US 10th Mountain Division, Recon Element, 2001

Recon 1: “Comms are weak, say again last?”


Recon 2: “Top, we got contact right, two times EI, bearing zero-two-four, half way up that hill near the tree line.”


Recon 1: “████████, check GPS and mark where you think that is - we're going to cross this defilade and move towards the town up the hill at three-two-zero.”


Recon 3: “Copy, did you hear back from command? I think the hills are playing with comms.”


Recon 4: “I got point.”


</ Approximately two minutes of sounds of team movements />


Recon 4: “Sergeant, I can hear buzzing, what is-”


</ Loud crack followed by thunder />


Recon 2: “Jesus fucking Christ - Sarge! █████ is down! That lightning hit him, nods detonated on his head, fuck - I don’t think…”


</ A loud bang, followed by a thud />


Recon 1: “Shit, what the fuck was that!? Did a grenade go off on his hip?”


Recon 1: “10th Actual, we got TWO KIA and are compromised. Request immediate extraction by chopper - we are exfilling with all… what the fuck is that?”


</ End of transmission />

Addendum 12062-A5: Report from Division P Research Analyst ██████, addressed to Director of Site-231, 02/22/2002

Upon completing vivisection of subject SCP-12062-1a “The Prophet” has shown some remarkable and disturbing results, firstly that subject differs in strain from SCP-12062-1b which seems to be a purer strain than that which is exhibited in subject Alpha. SCP-12062-1a shows biology more akin to a plant in some respects with a cell wall and organelles usually only found within a plant, it can gain sustenance from food (though requires a larger caloric intake that one would expect) or can photosynthesise and uses the high concentration of carbon in it cells as a form of biological solar panel. The lithium salts bonded to the subjects red blood cells seem to carry large amounts of energy, to the point where any metallic surgical equipment became magnetic after a short time exposed to subjects bodily fluids. It is our working theory that the electrical effects observed in proximity to SCP-12062-3 are a product of their bodies capacity to store energy and the ionised electrical field this creates.


One interesting piece of information is that while working on SCP-12062-1a it seemed to feel pain and looked in the direction of SCP-12062-1b no matter where subject Beta was moved to. SCP-12062-1b also exhibited psychological stress whenever subject alpha was being vivisected.

Addendum 12062-A6: Report from Division P Research Analyst █████████, addressed to Director of Site-231, 10/11/2007

Viral Strain taken from SCP-12062-1a shown to be rejected by all other fauna and flora when exposed.

Addendum 12062-A7: Report from Division P Research Analyst █████████, addressed to Director of Site-231, 10/28/2007

Viral Strain taken from SCP-12062-1b was released on Crop Gamma-32. All plants infected within 24 hours. Root systems have fused and all cells shown to contain massively increased levels of carbon increasing photosynthesis by a factor of 15. Over a 7 day period the plants change colour to a uniform black and become as hard as steel. The damage that a pure strain of the virus could do to the global ecosystem would be catastrophic. It is my recommendation that all cases of SCP-12062-1 be destroyed with incendiaries.


Tests from 2002 show that D-class personnel were not infected by the pathogen when breathing the particulate remains of SCP-12062-1 and SCP-12062-2 that had been rendered harmless by exposure to heat exceeding 2500 degrees Celsius.

Addendum 12062-A8: Report from Psychological Analyst ██████, addressed to Director of Site-231, 06/02/2012

SCP-12062-1a has talked about his dreams once again. He talks of "God’s Garden", "The Tree Upon the World" and "The Arrival". I have tasked analysts with researching archeological findings along with bibliological references to trees with religious significance, in order to flag out any potential historical instances of contact with SCP-12062.

Addendum 12062-A9: Communique from Engineering Analyst █████, addressed to Director of Site-231, 01/18/2016

Large scale electron depletion and dispersion vaults are almost complete. Frozen embryonic samples appear viable. Breeding program to commence within 18 months.


Still working on potential reality tear issue from controlled destruction, while analytical equipment is in place those exposed repeatedly to expected frequencies may need to be destroyed. I propose training begins on D class personnel, 18 months should be enough time to cover the basics.