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Rock Reassignment, Armiger under new management


Written by Lawrence "Devil" Sjurn, Reviewed by Jacob "Manitou" Akecheta

With Armiger's recent foray into North Vietnam a success, all four ashes are now in SOG hands. Efforts are underway by the CIA to convince US command to supply a mechanized company to assist Armiger when we attempt to seal the Hell Pit to the north of the camp, as Terrence "Staffy" MacDonald at Khe Sanh has refused the request due to increasing levels of NVA activity in the region. While this is happening the company will be staying put at camp to protect the ashes. Local sources have also mentioned the arrival of a "Dị thường" Order, a NVA force that the CIA have zero intel on. I'd bet 100 Dong that they're here for the ashes, so keep an eye out for any strange looking VC or NVA in the area.

Callsign Rock is no longer acting as CIA liaison to Armiger, citing a reassignment to another SOG team chasing chemical weapons elsewhere in theatre. Our new point of contact with the CIA is callsign "Manitou", part of a CIA cell that has experience with "anomalous" activity. They'll be overseeing the attempt to seal the Hell Pit later in the week.

The missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn't.

I've also been informed by local intelligence that the NVA has begun arriving in force to the areas around Khe Sanh, so its likely Armiger will be encountering less VC from now on. This means more armor, I'd recommend getting familiar with all the AT we have at camp, I suspect we're going to need it in future for both NVA vehicles and Demons.

I forgot to mention but that French diary you picked up from that compound belonged to Henri Eugène Navarre, who was the overall commander of French forces during the battle of Điện Biên Phủ. Unfortunately the CIA operative who tried to read the diary immediately seized up, only to then shoot themselves with their revolver after a couple seconds. Suffice to say no-ones opening that thing up until we can figure out how to stop that from happening again.