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Operation Inferred Part 8; A Light Shining in Darkness

Location: Khe Sanh, Quảng Trị Province 
South Vietnam
2nd of January, 1968

Written by Lawrence "Devil" Sjurn, Reviewed by Jacob "Manitou" Akecheta


Welcome to the new year gents, today we're going to be leveling a mountain. A US recon flight over the pit shows multiple large lesions surrounding the outskirts of the site (the white patches), with a blackened interior with what looks to be "teeth" sticking out of the edges. Almost all of the foliage surrounding the pit is gone, replaced with empty fields and several large rock formations.


Before Armiger sets out towards the Hell Pit callsign Manitou has requested that we search for a "lost" temple somewhere to Khe Sanh's south, related to the artifact disk that Chap brought back from last week's operation. He believes that the site could shed some light on the current "anomalous" happenings in the region and potential have a solution for them. I reckon the guys' lost the plot, but given our current situation I'll take any lead we can get.

Guppy and Oddball are being picked up from a location close to camp by helicopter to be dropped off near the site of the temple while Axel and Marten deliver the ashes to Khe Sanh in preparation for the strike on the Hell Pit. Armiger are to recon the area for anything of note, before calling for extraction to be returned to the airbase to rearm. Once that's done Guppy and Oddball will be leading the strike against the pit while Marten and Axel return to camp. You will have the support of several squads of US infantry, as well as the guns and aircraft of Khe Sanh, which will be in both Simplex and SOG Menu form. 

Once on site at the Hell Pit Armiger will deploy the ashes around the mouth of the pit, similar to how they were set up with the last pit, and defend the area until the process is complete. We don't have a time estimate for the process, so I'd recommend taking plenty of ammo and heavy weapons. There will be crates available at Khe Sanh to place equipment into to be dropped by aircraft at the Pit.

Be ready to deal with the 2nd Legion if they make an appearance, alongside their "ascended". I doubt the VC or NVA will make an appearance given the sheer volume of US manpower that's going to be focused on the area but if they do your cleared to wipe them off the map. Be ready to fight multiple Demons, air support is going to be vital in picking them off before they can tear apart the US Infantry. 

Best of luck gents.

image.pngTemple location relative to Khe Sanh

image.pngHell Pit relative to Khe Sanh
Post Operation Notes:
The end of this op marks the end of phase 1 and the start of phase 2, so what exactly does this mean:

  • No more camp, we will be moving to a more tactical mission style campaign. Each week there will be a vote on what mission Armiger will be undertaking, related to their current objective.
  • The campaign will be moving to a fortnightly schedule, with the mission voted on in the first week and the op run the second. Intel will be released the week of op and briefing the Friday of op.
  • The big bad has been discovered, this so called "Inferred" as described by the Immortal Tản Viên Sơn Thánh (posing as a Turtle). He also mentioned that you've already encountered 2 other Immortals, one posing as a Giant Snake and the other as a Goat, tho he didn't name them.
  • The Inferred has been described as an entity capable of making copies of entities it encounters and replicating them perfectly for its own use. Whether it is capable of duplicating Armiger is unknown, however I'd recommend caution regardless.
  • Op will be shorter but hopefully higher quality, with a focus on Maximum Violence and a bit of story. Hopefully not as boring going forward.
  • You'll be hunting for pieces of the artifact disk going forward (3 in total). You'll also have the option to investigate Điện Biên Phủ for the taint of the Inferred, in relation to the Diary of Henri Eugène Navarre of the 13th Half-Brigade Foreign Legion that was found.